Sanitizing in Chelsea, NYC

Water Damage Restoration in Chelsea, NYC
Water Damage Restoration in Chelsea, NYC

Are you looking for a sanitizing company to help you clean your church and get rid of the musty odours?

Do you want to create an environment where your kids can play and be safe from germs and mold?

When you notice the mold growing on your walls, what do you?

Do you want to have hospital-grade cleanliness in your home?

What about dealing with pandemics such as coronavirus that spread through infected surfaces?

Well, if you are looking for professional sanitizing in Chelsea, NYC, SOS Mitigation has you covered.

Sanitizing and disinfection services
Do not be left behind while we are sanitizing and disinfecting homes and offices, call us for general cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services in the greater NYC area.

We offer a wide range of sanitizing services which include:

HVAC spray sanitizing

The HVAC system is highly susceptible to the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria.

Since the vents are out of sight, it can be easy to ignore them until it is too late.

However, regardless of the time you choose to take action, company ABC has got you covered.

We have the best equipment to deal with odors and organisms inhabiting the air circulations units.

We handle homes, offices, industries, and institutions.

We then go ahead and offer deodorizing solutions for your furnace, air handlers, rooftops, and air distribution components.

We have reliable solutions that are also long-lasting. We have a clean record with a lot of happy clients from past years.

Hire us today and clean up your HVAC units in the shortest time possible.

Large-scale disinfecting services
Viruses and bacteria could stay on surfaces for days. Do not ignore the essentials of effective cleaning and sanitizing. Call us for home and office disinfection services in NYC.

Residential spray services

Protecting your home is a top-most priority, so you owe it your best.

That is why you should not settle for substandard services and risk wasting money, while your family is still at risk.

To avoid this, you can contact a professional sanitizing company.

SOS Mitigation NYC stands at the forefront of helping homes restore their safety.

Whether it is clearing odors, killing germs and bacteria.

Clearing allergens or even mold and mildew remediation, we have got you covered.

Depending on the results you want, we use non-irritating, fragrance-free, and non-corrosive cleaning and disinfecting products.

Also, we use state of the art spraying technology to enhance the results and offer better protection to you and your family.

Sanitize your home during the corona virus pandemic
Are you worried that a Covid-19 carrier has been in your office or home? Call us for SOS disinfection services in NYC

Commercial sanitizing in Chelsea, NYC

Out of all places, commercial spaces are the most susceptible to germ and bacterial infestations.

That is because you can rarely control the number of people going in and out.

Whether it is the church, school, hospital, train station, take out, restaurant, or even office.

There, you may have no authority of entering and leaving the premises or their behaviors.

The only thing you can do it try and protect your premises, employees, and prospective clients. So, how do you get ahead of the situation?

The solution is to hire a professional team to sanitize your commercial space.

By hiring us, then you have the guarantee of receiving the best.

Our excellent mist spraying machines will ensure that they cover every surface with a disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria instantly.

Office sanitizing services in NYC
There is alot that needs cleaning and sanitizing at work. Call us for an overhaul sanitizing services in NYC.

The best sanitizing company in Chelsea, NYC.

Do you want a company that pays attention to your needs and property?

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution to your mold that is effective and safe for your sanitation requirements?

Do you want a team problem?

Well, we have got you covered.

We offer you the next generation level of sanitizing in Chelsea, NYC.

We provide fragrance-free, allergen-free, and germ-free cleaning to your premises.

Once you contact us, we take less than 30 minutes to arrive at your location and execute our services.

We have state-of-the-art electrostatic spraying equipment.

Therefore, you can be sure that we will cover every inch of your home.

Besides, our solutions are long-lasting and effective.

Sanitize office accessories
There is alot that needs cleaning and sanitizing at work. Call us for an overhaul sanitizing services in NYC.

How do you keep yourself safe?

After an intense sanitizing and disinfecting process, then you need to take up some measures to ensure that you extend the period for which you are safe.

That means the follow-up procedures should be consistent and effective.

So, when you are at home, you can use some of the bleaching agents to clean surfaces.

However, never, under no circumstances mix bleach with ammonia, else you will have one of the worst cases of a stinky house.

Use unscented bleaches for cleaning and wiping surfaces to get rid of germs ad bacteria.