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It is essential to have healthy living conditions.

Even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic like the novel coronavirus, the main preventive measures issued are those of maintaining high levels of sanitation.

We wash our hands with soap, but that is still not enough.

Using alcohol-based sanitizers and wipes, we can reduce the chances of the virus surviving on surfaces and our hands.

By regularly cleaning your home with bleach, then you take part in sanitizing your home.

Most importantly, you take part in helping the world curb this virus.

Disinfect for the Covid-19 Pandemic
We are leaving in fear of possible infections due to Covid-19. Call us to disinfect and sanitize your home.

What do you do if a carrier visits your home?

Assuming you have a friend who came to visit, and they have a contagious infection spread by coming to contact with an infected surface, then what do you do to resolve this problem?

The first and most responsible step is to visit a hospital and have yourself checked, as well as anyone in your home.

While at it, you can hire a sanitizing company to help you clear any doubts you have of the germs.

SOS Mitigation NYC, has always been at the forefront of fighting odors and bacteria.

So, if you contact us, we will arrive at your home in less than half an hour, and get down to business.

Sanitize door handles
Keep door handles and doorknobs virus-free by sanitizing with alcohol-based sanitizer. Call SOS Mitigation for residential sanitizing in NYC.

How do you maintain a sanitized surface?

Once you sanitize your floors, you do not want to expose them to all the germs and bacteria without maintaining them.

The maintenance is quite simple and easy to do at home.

You only need some bleach and a piece of cloth. Every day, you can use the bleach to wipe off the surfaces.

However, be keen to read the user guidelines offered by the manufacturers.

Alternatively, you can use alcohol wipes to wipe off the dirty surfaces.

Also, you can use soap and water to clean your hands.

To promote the handwashing culture, you can have soap placed on sinks to encourage others to wash their hands.

Finally, when you get home, remove your shoes, take a shower, and get a new set of clothes to reduce the chances of transferring the bacteria and germs to the rest of the house.

Large-scale disinfecting services
Viruses and bacteria could stay on surfaces for days. Do not ignore the essentials of effective cleaning and sanitizing. Call us for home and office disinfection services in NYC.

Essential steps to take during sanitizing

When cleaning and sanitizing, there are a few measures you can take to ensure you have the results you were hoping for.

For example, before you get to sanitizing your home, you need to clean it out first.

While cleaning involves the removal of soils and debris on surfaces, sanitizing consists of the reduction of microbes from your surfaces to a healthy number.

Next, you need to be cautious with the way you handle some of these sanitizers.

Always be in protective clothing.

That includes goggles to protect your eyes, a gas mask to prevent inhalation of the fumes or mist, gloves to protect your hands and clothes covering your whole body.

From this, you can then go ahead and clear out mold, clean surfaces, apply deodorants, and sanitizers all through the house.

Clean your home for viruses and bacteria
Here are some of the CDC approved disinfectants and sanitizers to kill viruses and bacterias. Have some in your home or office.

Types of sanitizers you can use

When sanitizing your property, different material requires different types of sanitizing chemicals to work with. If you feel you are up for it, you can even disinfect your surfaces using steam or hot water.

However, this method is costly.

So, instead, you can choose one of the many chemical solutions used in hospitals and approved by the CDC to sanitize.

You can choose from a range of chlorite solutions, iodine, or alcohol-based solutions.

Once you identify the user guidelines, then you should be set to go.

However, you can also call a professional team if you are not sure what solution to use with your different surfaces and materials.

Sanitizing and disinfection services
Do not be left behind while we are sanitizing and disinfecting homes and offices, call us for general cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services in the greater NYC area.

Why are we the best disinfecting and sanitizing company?

Sanitizing requires the best of the best to achieve effective and durable results.

So, when selecting a company to hire, you need to look at their work records and public reviews.

For this, we stand out as the best when it comes to sanitizing in Financial District, NYC.

We have technologies that allow us to fight germs and bacteria with a 100% guarantee of success.

Also, we handle remediation.

We will help you get rid of the mold, disinfect your home, and free it of the odors resulting from the mold.

Give us a call today and get effective solutions to your bacteria and virus problems.