Sanitizing in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

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Sanitizing in Midtown, NYC

Overlooking the cleanliness of your car is very easy. So, what is the best solution to sanitizing and disinfecting your car?

You can always choose from multiple options, but who is the best candidate for car sanitizing in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC?

There is a wide range of services that will guarantee the proper sanitation of your car.

When it comes to sanitizing your vehicle, experts provide a comprehensive step by step process.

Note that we are not health care providers, but we believe there is something we can all do to help fight germs and viruses that are causing worldwide pandemics.

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Why is it important to sanitize and disinfect your car?

We spend a lot of time in our cars, so it only serves the greater good to have a clean and safe vehicle to drive in.

You need to keep the car clean for you and your family if you want to avoid infection.

By sanitizing your car, and keeping it bacteria and virus free, you help the health care workers by keeping yourself safe.

Once you leave your car, you have no idea what comes into contact with its exterior.

Also, you could lend out your car.

To be sure that you are driving in a safe environment, it is essential to sanitize your car and eliminate any microbes.

Following the questions asked, we have come up with a guideline to help you keep your vehicle and family safe.

Residential disinfecting and sanitizing services
clean and sanitize your door handles to kill viruses and bacteria. Using the recommended disinfectants effectively clean and sanitize.

Can you contract viruses from your car?

Contracting viruses from your car is highly unlikely if you have had no carriers in it.

However, once there is an infected person in your car, the chances of you contracting the disease from your car increase exponentially.

Depending on the lifespan of the micro-organism, you could be staying in a contaminated area for days.

The best way to ensure you are safe is to sanitize your car.

At SOS Mitigation, we offer protection for you and your family against viruses, such as the novel coronavirus.

What is the best way to sanitize your car?

Car sanitizing services in NYC
if you are using a shared car, or a company car, make sure to sanitize and disinfect with the right products. Wipe the handles, sanitize car keys, and the steering wheel

Having consulted with different manufacturers, we have come up with some simple guidelines which you can use to keep yourself safe.

So, what is the best way to clean and sanitize your car?

Choose the right material to clean and sanitize

In an average car, you are bound to come across more than three different types of materials. Some are smooth surfaces, while some are rough. For these reasons, you also need to choose the material you will use to clean your car carefully. Choosing among cloth, leather, and imitation leather leads to different cleaning and sanitizing steps. Then, you need to select the product to use for sanitizing your car.

A favorite choice among most car manufacturers is the isopropyl alcohol, IPA.

IPA removes smudges, stains, residues, kills bacteria, and above all, dries in a very short time.

However, you need to be careful of the amount you are using on the leather surfaces to prevent discoloration.

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Where do you put in more effort?

Although it is essential to clean and sanitize the whole car, some areas are more susceptible to contamination than others.

For instance, the steering wheel, console, door handles, gear, seat adjusters, and dash could be hotspots.

Additionally, pay more attention to areas like the ventilator grills, rearview mirror, and knobs.

For these surfaces, a microfiber cloth is ideal as it does great when it comes to trapping dust and preventing scratches on your interiors.

What do you do when cleaning leather surfaces?

The majority of your car’s interior is leather.

So, when cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle, you will need some guidelines on how to clean the leather sufficiently.

The steering wheel, the seats, and part of the dashboard are leather.

For these surfaces, use a combination of water and soap to remove any dirt and particles.

The soap will kill the viruses and keep you safe.

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What should you avoid when cleaning your car?

A major common mistake you can encounter is the need to use a brush to clean your car.

For most materials used in the car, a brush is bound to scratch and leave some marks.

Therefore, you must avoid using a brush or rough cloth to clean any part of your car.

Also, do not pour in a lot of water in the car.

Failure to dry completely would result in a pungent smell that is not comfortable for your nose or lungs.