Sanitizing in Kips Bay, NYC

Sanitizing in Kips Bay, NYC
Sanitizing in Kips Bay, NYC

With the world emphasizing sanitizing to curb the coronavirus pandemic, how do you sanitize and disinfect your home or office?

Not having experience with the proper methods to carry out cleaning, I embarked on research to find the most effective and safe ways to sanitize my home.

There are a lot of suggestions from official government sites and health care providers.

They all revolve around proper products and the best techniques to achieve this.

An appropriate combination off products and their concentration are essential to achieve the best results.

So, what is the best way to achieve proper sanitation in your home or office?

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Chemical sanitizers and disinfectants

Chemical sanitizers are the most common method used for sanitizing in homes and commercial applications.

For the best results, ensure that your chemical sanitizers are FDA approved.

This way, they kill up to 99% of the germs and virus in one application, are stable under normal environmental conditions, and are low on toxicity levels.

Among the chemical compounds, you can choose from include Chlorites, which are highly effective and inexpensive.

You could also select quaternary ammonium compounds, which bind with the negatively charged bacterial proteins.

Finally, you can use iodine compounds, though it is relatively expensive compared to other sanitizers.

Alcohol-based sanitizers are also conventional for hands and cleaning surfaces.

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When sterilizing, you aim at destroying and eliminating all forms of microbes from surfaces.

For this, you could use pressurized steam, dry heat, EtO gas.

Hydrogen peroxide gas plasma or chemical sanitizers.

For health care facilities, this is the surest way to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Sterilization can either be steam, flash, or low temperature.

However, these techniques are costly and sophisticated compared to chemical sanitizers.

Experts know how to disinfect their tools and surfaces successfully.

However, if you need to clean your home and need 100% assurance, for the new baby coming, or for the kid with an immune system problem, you can reach out to SOS Mitigation for sanitizing in Kips Bay, NYC.

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There is alot that needs cleaning and sanitizing at work. Call us for an overhaul sanitizing services in NYC.

What factors affect the effectiveness of your sanitizing exercises?

To get the best results when sanitizing, there are several factors you should take into consideration. These factors include:

  • The concentration of the sanitizer

All factors held constant; a more concentrated solution would result in shorter contact time and higher efficiency.

However, different sanitizers require different concentrations for optimal performance.

For different concentrations, there are different contact times.

Now, considering how long you want to let your sanitizer sit, you can choose the strength you want to use.

However, for the correct potency, you would need to read the manufacturer’s user manual.

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  • Nature of the microbes

Different micro-organisms react differently to various chemicals.

While some could last longer in the presence of a sanitizer, others would die immediately.

For instance, when you are dealing with spores, the coat acts as a barrier, which in turn lowers the action of the sanitizer.

For the more resistant microbes, you would need to use more exposure time and use a higher concentration of the sanitizer.

So, when you decide to sanitize your home, you could for some professional help.

This way, you will know what type of microbes you are dealing with and effectively eliminate them.

  • Duration of exposure

When sanitizing, it is essential to expose these surfaces to the sanitizer to kill these microbes effectively.

That is why the health experts are recommending 20 seconds for washing hands.

For the different viruses, bacteria, fungi, and germs, different periods are required for the sanitizers to take effect.

For EPA approved products, you will find the user manual stating how long you need to expose the microbes to the sanitizer.

Different sanitizers require different exposure periods, depending on the concentration and nature of the organisms.

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  • Extent of infestation

For a widely infested or contaminated region, then you would need more sanitizer.

Also, you would require more exposure time; all factors held constant.

However, to reduce the amount of sanitizer you will use to clean the region, you can start by clearing some of the microbes.

You can do this by using some soap and water and leave the stubborn ones for the sanitizers.

Whether you want to disinfect your home, office, car, or commercial space, do not hesitate to contact us for our services.