Sanitizing in Manhattan Valley, NYC

Sanitizing in Manhattan Valley, NYC
Sanitizing in Manhattan Valley, NYC

The novel coronavirus is taking the world by storm, and even the well-prepared health facilities are struggling to keep patients and workers safe.

The best you can do to stop overloading the system is to keep yourself safe.

How do you this when you have limited resources.

The health and WHO officials are working to keep everyone safe and urging everyone to follow precautions.

So, what are some of the places to sanitize at home or office?

From observing the health experts and government guidelines, we have created a list to help you maintain a clean and safe environment for you and your neighbors;

Sanitize your commercial spaces
Keep your home safe and in top-hygiene by hiring us for disinfection and sanitizing services in NYC.

Before you start, what do you need to sanitize safely?

Cleaning and sanitizing your space is essential, especially now that we are all fighting the deadly coronavirus.

However, it would all be useless if we did not take care and ended up infected while sanitizing and disinfecting our homes.

So, how do you kee

p yourself safe during the process?

The first and most crucial step is to wear rubber gloves.

These will protect you from the drying chemicals and germ infection.

Secondly, always dispose of the cloth or clean it in the sanitizing solution to prevent cross-contamination.

Finally, make sure you clean your hands after you finish sanitizing your home to avoid the ingestion of the sanitizing solutions.

Sanitize door handles
Keep door handles and doorknobs virus-free by sanitizing with alcohol-based sanitizer. Call SOS Mitigation for residential sanitizing in NYC.

How do you sanitize your home?

There are many places you can overlook while sanitizing your home.

Some could be surfaces or the devices you use daily in your home.

For instance, you should always make sure you sanitize your remote controls.

That is because almost everyone in the household comes to contact with the remote at some point.

Also, take note of your purses, bag packs, devices, hand, and dishtowels.

The procedure is quite standard when it comes to cleaning your home.

First, you need to clean any grease from the surfaces with soap.

For some surfaces, you would need to use dry cloths, while others need some damp clothes.

However, the final step is to apply a spray disinfectant to cover the surfaces and prevent contamination.

Sanitize your home during the corona virus pandemic
Are you worried that a Covid-19 carrier has been in your office or home? Call us for SOS disinfection services in NYC

Commercial sanitizing and disinfecting

Commercial sanitizing has long posed a challenge among many people.

Some fail to differentiate between cleaning and sanitizing, which in turn results in a falsified sense of safety.

To better achieve it, you need to understand the fundamentals.

For instance, cleaning will remove germs, dirt, and impurities, while disinfecting kills the bacteria on the surfaces.

Sanitizing, on the other hand, will reduce the number of germs on the surfaces to a safe level, as confirmed by health standard requirements.

So, to keep your commercial space clean and disinfected, you need to carry out these processes on the surfaces that people touch often.

Also, maintain a cleaning and sanitizing routine to prevent an infestation.

Also, make sure you are applying the correct sanitizing procedures and using safe products.

Finally, make sure you have an effective waste management plan for your commercial space.

Following these guidelines, you will enjoy a cleaner and safer office.

Motor vehicle disinfection services
How to disinfect and sanitize your car during the Covid-19 pandemic. Call us for professional auto disinfecting services in NYC.

Proper sanitation for your car

We all spend a significant amount of time in a vehicle.

It could be an uber or a personal vehicle. When it comes to public transport, the standards go even higher.

That is why you must understand the proper sanitizing procedures to keep yourself and any passengers safe.

So, what are some of the guidelines offered by car manufacturers and health specialists to properly sanitize your car?

Manufacturers insist that the type of material you use to clean your vehicle is critical.

You do not want to use a brush that will leave scratch marks on your vehicle.

Secondly, the type of sanitizing product you use is crucial.

IPA is mainly recommended as it removes smudges, stains and even kills germs.

However, the concentration and contact time should be just enough to prevent any discoloration to the interiors of your car.

Finally, you must take note of the most-touched surfaces and draw more attention there.

Large-scale disinfecting services
Viruses and bacteria could stay on surfaces for days. Do not ignore the essentials of effective cleaning and sanitizing. Call us for home and office disinfection services in NYC.

Sanitizing tunnels

We often go to places where we use subways to move from one place to another.

Bus stations and car packs also serve as hotspots for infections.

So, when you need to clean and sanitize, you should put in extra effort to disinfect these areas.

If you need help covering these extensive areas, then SOS Mitigation is the right expert for sanitizing and disinfecting services.