Sanitizing in Upper West Side

Sanitizing in Upper West Side, NY
Sanitizing in Upper West Side, NY

Sometimes, we are not always ready for emergencies and outbreaks in our offices or homes.

So, you could be going through the rest of your day, and at some point, decide to get some cleaning done.

If you feel you are not well equipped to clean the house and sanitize it, you could always hire some professional services.

When it comes to sanitizing in Upper West Side, we stand out from the rest due to their high quality, emergency, and always available sanitizing services.

They clean and sanitize vehicles, homes, community spaces, and even offices.

The article below will help you better understand their services:

Motor vehicle disinfection services
How to disinfect and sanitize your car during the Covid-19 pandemic. Call us for professional auto disinfecting services in NYC.

Automotive sanitizing services

To sufficiently clean your car, both exterior and interior, you need to follow some guidelines.

These could be from a manufacturer or an experienced expert when it comes to sanitizing your car.

To sanitize your car, you need to clean it to remove the dirt, grime, and marks.

Then, you can sanitize it to reduce the number of germs or disinfect it to kill all bacteria.

Cars have a wide range of materials in their build.

So, you need to be careful when handling these various materials to avoid tearing and discoloration.

While you might want to bleach the whole car, you would most probably ruin the leather, wood, carbon fiber, and plastics in the vehicle.

When sanitizing your car, focus on the areas you touch the most.

Wipe the gear shift, the steering wheel, the air vents, seat belt, rearview mirror, door handle, both on the inside and outside.

Make sure you are using the automobile sanitizers effectively to avoid void work when sanitizing.

Sanitize your home during the corona virus pandemic
Are you worried that a Covid-19 carrier has been in your office or home? Call us for SOS disinfection services in NYC.

How do you sanitize your home correctly?

Sanitizing in your home can range from a simple carpet wash to a full mold mitigation service.

When cleaning these soft surfaces, make sure you use EPA-registered solutions for disinfecting.

If the materials are launder items, you can wash them with soap and water at the highest temperature allowed.

For electronics, cover them with materials that you can easily wipe. This way, you do not risk damaging them when sanitizing.

For food surfaces, use authorized food disinfectants to lower the chances of toxic infections.

When you sanitize your home, do not forget the doorknobs, handles, and keys you commonly use.

Wash your clothes in the appropriate settings given by the manufacturers, and observe the highest levels of hygiene.

Finally, using household bleach, you can wipe the surfaces and walls to reduce the number of bacteria and wash your hands with soap and water after going outside or visiting the toilet.

Fighting the corona virus and other bacteria
Using CDC-grade disinfectants to kill viruses and bacteria during the coronavirus pandemic. Call us for general sanitizing and disinfecting in NYC.

Community facilities sanitation services.

Community facilities will often have more than one person at a time.

So, if there is an infected person, they can spread the pathogens to many more people.

However, you can slow down the spread by effectively sanitizing and disinfecting the regions, whether it is the church, market, supermarket, school, office, or even hospital.

For these areas, ventilation is also a crucial part of sanitation.

Depending on the size of the rooms, you can then design an appropriate air ventilation system to maintain airflow at all times.

If there are people you expect to work the night shift, the system will need to work full time.

Use EPA-registered and CDC-approved disinfectants to clean your facilities.

Finally, make sure you have an elaborate waste management system for these facilities.

If you need help sanitizing any community facility, then do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Large-scale disinfecting services
Viruses and bacteria could stay on surfaces for days. Do not ignore the essentials of effective cleaning and sanitizing. Call us for home and office disinfection services in NYC.

Why hire a sanitizing company Upper West Side?

Are you looking for a team of sanitizing experts with a record that speaks volumes?

Do you want to enjoy the best sanitation services, regardless of the time of day or period of the contract?

How about people who can work with extreme exposure to harmful conditions without spreading the pathogens?

We work with EPA registered products, which are non-toxic, fragrance-free, non-corrosive, and, most importantly, effectively lower the number of pathogens to safe levels.

Besides our state-of-the-art detection equipment and cleaning techniques, we also have top-grade personal protection equipment, which allows us to go to places you would think twice about.

Also, we offer a wide variety of sanitation services.

Whether you want to clean some black water or deal with a mold infestation, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Paul the Contractor
Paul the Contractor

Paul started his Water Damage Restoration experience in 2003. He worked for Damage Restoration Companies, and specialized in basement reconstructions. Now he is Managing our "Rescue Team" at SOS Mitigation.

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