Sanitizing in Washington Heights

Sanitizing in Washington Heights, NY
Sanitizing in Washington Heights, NY

The worst part about having bacteria and germs on your surfaces is their microscopic nature.

So, you can even come in contact and spread them without knowing.

How best can you deal with these microbes to keep yourself and the people around you safe?

Where can you get some high quality sanitizing in Washington Heights?

Whether you want to clean and disinfect your home, office, car, apartment, or warehouses, then the following guidelines will surely be helpful.

Car sanitizing services in NYC
if you are using a shared car, or a company car, make sure to sanitize and disinfect with the right products. Wipe the handles, sanitize car keys, and the steering wheel

Car sanitation services

Are you wondering where to start when you want to clean your car?

Do you want to sanitize your car, and you have no idea what solutions could be appropriate for the materials in your vehicle? Well, there is no need to panic.

We have clear guidelines on how to sanitize your car safely, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, wear a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands.

Then, disinfect the handles and keys before you get to work on the interior of the car.

Then, using a simple water and soap solution, or automotive cleaner, clean the car from top to bottom, all the way from the front to the back.

Once you wash the car, then it is time to sanitize. Emphasize the most commonly touched areas.

Once you have dealt with all regions in the vehicle using appropriate solutions, you can remove your gloves, wash your hands as you wait for your car to dry.

Motor vehicle disinfection services
How to disinfect and sanitize your car during the Covid-19 pandemic. Call us for professional auto disinfecting services in NYC.

Sanitizing your house with and without a sick person

Sanitizing your home is very important, especially if you are living with a sick person.

However, the sanitizing procedures for when you have an infected person are a little different from when you are doing routine sanitation in your home.

So, what is different?

When living with a sick person, you might need to designate a bathroom and toilet to prevent contamination.

Also, when cleaning these bathrooms, you might need to wait for some time to allow the viruses and bacteria to die from exposure, which is not necessarily the case for routine cleaning.

Also, when washing the laundry, you might need to separate the laundry and avoid shaking them to prevent the spreading of these pathogens.

Also, the sick person would require a separate trashcan to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Either way, you need to sanitize and keep your home to keep out the disease-causing organisms.

Sanitize door handles
Keep door handles and doorknobs virus-free by sanitizing with alcohol-based sanitizer. Call SOS Mitigation for residential sanitizing in NYC.

Health care facilities sanitation services

Imagine going to the hospital and coming home with an infection.

Such cases should be unheard of, especially in healthcare facilities.

Unfortunately, they happen and could cause the lives of other patients, workers, or even visitors to the hospital.

To maintain the lowest transmission rates in your hospital or clinic, you would need to carry out some serious disinfecting and sanitizing.

For these, you need some strong, fragrance-free, toxic-free and CDC-approved disinfectants.

When cleaning the hospitals, pay attention to the surfaces, door handles, machines, garbage cans, the laundry, maintenance closets, washrooms, and even the other hospital equipment.

It is highly recommended that you train your cleaning staff to adequately protect themselves and the most effective sanitizing practices to protect the employees and patients from cross-infection.

Sanitizing and disinfection services
Do not be left behind while we are sanitizing and disinfecting homes and offices, call us for general cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services in the greater NYC area.

Wastewater and garbage management

One danger of unmanaged trash and untreated water in your premises is the risk of causing infections.

Blackwater is famous for its high concentration of pathogens, and how it promotes the growth of molding your home.

As a result, you have to deal with a new problem of respiratory problems, as well as a risk of food poisoning.

Dealing with either requires some professional help.

You need to work with a company that has approved waste management techniques.

We have an elaborate waste management plan that guarantees your safety at home or work.

We also deal with sewers and clean any backups and damaged drainages.

We have experience handling wastewater and garbage effectively while protecting ourselves from infections.

Contact us today and get the best sanitation services in Washington Heights.

Cleaning and sanitation are what we can do to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

You can either do it yourself at home or hire experienced people to help you clean.

We offer reliable and high quality sanitizing services for people from all walks of life. Reach out for high quality sanitizing services today.