Automotive Sanitizing Services in NYC

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Car sanitizing services in NYC
Professional automotive sanitizing services in NYC.

With the Coronavirus as part of our daily lives now, everyone you know is trying to clean their homes and offices. You are likely using sanitizing wipes, and at work, there are extra steps that staff is asked to take to ensure germs are kept at bay. But, what about your car?

If you aren’t cleaning your car correctly and still use it, it is probably filled with bacteria and viruses. Any car or truck is at high risk of harboring these germs, as many people can contact it. While you do your best to stay at home and wash your hands, you also should be disinfecting and sanitizing your car when you use it.

Do you know how to do this, though effectively? Most people don’t, which is why you should call the team here at SOS Mitigation NY.

We are professionals at disinfecting and sanitizing automobiles. We have a lot of knowledge about what products can be used to kill more than 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

Vehicle Sanitizing and Disinfecting that is Cost-Effective

When it comes to automotive sanitation service in NYC, you must choose to work with a team that has a highly effective germ-killing system.

At SOS Mitigation, we always use the latest technology to kill germs, even in the most difficult to access places, such as the vents. We use a dry-fog disinfecting technology that can access every place in the vehicle, including areas that are hard to reach.

Additionally, we use EPA-approved deodorants and disinfectants to remove odors and keep your vehicle free of germs.

You might also notice different types of automobile disinfection and sanitization, but only the toughest products can get the most difficult to kill bacteria and germs. Our dry-fog kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Automobiles in NYC

The services we offer from SOS Mitigation in NYC don’t just focus on personal automobiles. We also work on trucks, fleet vehicles, and public transport systems. We also service cabs, rental cars, shared autos, and delivery vehicles.

Any surface of a vehicle can be harboring germs, and once you or someone else touches those surfaces, the pathogens can be transferred. Our team of experts can disinfect and decontaminate any car. 

At SOS Mitigation NY, we are always adding new technology and methods to our offerings. All of the products we use are also CDC-approved.

Car disinfecting and sanitizing in NYC
Call us for auto disinfecting and sanitizing services in NYC.

Our Methods for Vehicle Sanitization in NYC

We work hard to create a safe and healthy environment for our clients. This includes when we are tasked with vehicle sanitization.

In this case, we have found that alcohol is a perfect product to disinfect without damaging your vehicle’s surfaces. Specifically, we use Isopropyl Alcohol, which works very quickly to kill most germs. We also make sure that we focus on areas such as the door handles, steering wheel, seatbelts, knobs, gearshifts, mirrors, vents, and glove compartments. Before we sanitize, we also thoroughly clean these areas with soap and water.

For an exceptional automotive sanitation service in NYC, contact the team at SOS Mitigation.