Residential Sanitizing Services in Queens, NY

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No matter where you are in Queens, NY, we are all trying to do our best to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. If you need full sanitization, though, you must work with a company like ours.

Using a sprayer for sanitizing and disinfecting
Home disInfecting services in Queens, NY.

The team here at SOS Mitigation had a lot of experience in sanitization, and we have the skills to clean your home from top to bottom. Every member of our team has certification from the IICRC, and we always adhere to OSHA regulations. Additionally, our team also wears Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, to keep themselves safe from contracting any virus while on duty.

We thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all areas, too, eliminating bacteria and viruses. We know that these disinfectants work well on bacteria and viruses like the flu, we don’t have the same information about the Covid-19 virus. However, we are following CDC approved methods and using EPA disinfectants. So, if you are thinking about a sanitizing and disinfecting company that you can rely on, consider SOS Mitigation.

Focus on for Residential Disinfecting and Sanitization in Queens, NY

There are a number of spots in your home that are considered to be “high-touch” surfaces. These are areas where dirt, viruses, bacteria, and germs tend to settle. When we clean your home, these are the areas that we focus on. They include table surfaces, doorknobs, countertops, faucets, refrigerators, chairs, light switches, remote controls, game controllers, toilets, and more.

After we thoroughly disinfect these areas, we then focus on walls, windows, drapes, carpets, and floors. If you want to fully clean things like carpets and walls, we can recommend a company for deep cleaning.

The way we sanitize your home is very straightforward and fast, and we will be in and out before you know it. We do take our time, however, and fully clean all surfaces with soap, and then apply CDC-approved disinfectants.

Residential disinfecting and sanitizing services
Professional residential sanitizing in Queens, NY to kill viruses and bacteria.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting in Queens, NY

Though there are many types of disinfectants out there, we always use those that are CDC-approved. We also create custom solutions for sanitizing, cleaning, and decontaminating. All homes are different, and we use different methods of cleaning and disinfecting. We also use methods that stop bacteria and viruses in their tracks, which help improve the health and safety of your family.

Sanitize your home during the corona virus pandemic
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The specific solution we use is known as QGC, and we also use a ULV misting machine, which fully applies this solution through the air. This is an EPA-registered disinfectant, and after allowing it to sit for 10 minutes, the room is safe to enter.

Keep in mind that we use Tyvek suits and gloves, as well as full face respirators, during the cleaning process. The time that it takes will depend on the size of the residence.

Preventing the Spread of Bacteria in the Home

When your home is clean, and without bacteria or viruses, you won’t keep putting your family and friends at risk. It is essential to follow guidelines stated by the World Health Organization, and we do this every step of the way to keep your home and property clean and safe.

Contact SOS Mitigation, today, for an appointment for residential sanitizing in Queens, NY.