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Emergency water damage restoration services in Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn. Our Immediate response teams are ready to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. We specialize in basement water damage repair after a burst pipe or rain storms. 

Dealing with damage due to natural disasters, floods, sewage backup, earthquakes, or fire and smoke, can add even more stress to you and your family. We are here no matter what the disaster is.

Water Damage

Water damage occurs when you least expect it, which is why immediate action is so crucial. SOS Mitigation professionals respond fast with the most advanced equipment to remove water and ensure that property is properly dried before the restoration process.

Fire Damage

Fires are devastating to homes and businesses. Once the fire trucks put out the fire, your property will most likely suffer from fire and smoke, and water damage. SOS Mitigation’s experienced professionals are trained to clean up and restore your property in no time.

Storm Damage

Storm and flood damage require immediate action. SOS Mitigation provides 24/7 emergency service in all five boroughs. Fast response and highly trained specialists are here to recover your property with damage cleanup and restoration services around the clock.

Flooded Basement

A flooded basement is the result of heavy rains, insufficient drainage, a broken sump pump, or a combination of several factors. Our water damage experienced professionals can remove the water from your basement and place the proper drying equipment while monitoring the mitigation process.

Mold Damage

Mold is capable of spreading out in 48-72 hours when introduced to a water source. It may be a plumbing or roof leak and must be treated immediately to prevent health issues. Are you suspecting that your business or home has a mold problem? Call us directly so we can inspect and treat the infested area.

Sewage Backup

Sewer backups are considered an emergency due to bacteria, viruses, and some other microbes that can cause illnesses. It could be from a toilet overflow or a clogged pipe. SOS Mitigation pros are trained and equipped to handle contaminated areas by safely cleaning.

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SOS Mitigation is a family-owned company. We provide excellent 24/7 water damage restoration services in Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan with a friendly yet professional attitude. the basement water damage specialists in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens NY.

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