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Flooded Basement Clean Up Queens, NY

As our homes age, the foundation begins to age, too, and eventually, it wears down. Before you know it, leaks begin to appear in the walls. Without a fix, these leaks will continue to grow, and can easily turn into a massive flood in the basement.

The good news, however, is that basement flooding is a quick repair, but you must understand where the leak is coming from and why it is occurring. If you live in New York City and have a leaking or flooded basement, we can fix it. We serve all of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

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Basement flooding can start in many different ways, and we have expert solutions for all of these issues. Here, at SOS Mitigation NYC, we have these solutions at the ready, and we can take any flooded basement and return it to the dry and usable space that it was before the flooding began.

We have a strong focus on waterproofing the foundation, including sealing any cracks and installing drainage systems, including sump pumps. All of our repairs come with a guarantee, and you can count on our team to fix it right.

What to Do if My Basement Flooded?

If you notice a flood in your basement, you should take the following steps:

  • Turn off the electricity to the basement
  • Look for leaking or broken pipes. If you find one, turn off the water supply to the house. If you have a sump pump, make sure that it’s on and working.
  • Protect yourself and your family before dealing with water. The water leaking into the basement could have bacteria in it, so make sure to wear boots, gloves, and other protective equipment.
  • As soon as you can, remove the water from the basement. You should contact a company like SOS Mitigation NYC to help.

When you call our team, we can help you to remove any remaining water, and we can also help with drying and deodorizing.

Keep in mind that a flooded basement can happen at any time, and it can be caused by a number of things including:

  • Drainage issues around the walls of the basement
  • Malfunctioning sump pump or other appliance
  • Heavy storms
  • Broken pipes

Basement Flooded What to do?

Many basements actually have drains in the floor to help protect from water damage. But debris and dirt can get caught in these drains, which prevents water from draining out. Some basements are also fitted with sump pumps, which work to push water away from the home and into a nearby storm drain. If the sump pump begins to fail, and it can’t push the water out, you could quickly begin to see a flood.

After any type of basement flooding, it is imperative to remove the water as quickly as possible and completely dry out the basement. Our expert water extraction procedures, as well as drying equipment and moisture testing devices can handle everything.

All of the professionals at SOS Mitigation NYC do it all, including water extraction, the removal of items that cannot be salvaged, cleaning of the area, disinfecting the area, deodorizing, and drying. We will also remove any debris.

If your basement has flooded, call the best team in the City at SOS Mitigation NYC