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SOS Mitigation: Flooded Basement Cleanup Queens, NY

Flood damage cleanup and water damage emergencies can feel entirely overwhelming. Basements are most susceptible to plumbing leaks and burst pipe catastrophes and can even require sewage cleanup. Considering that your basement is either fully or partially underground – heavy rains and natural flooding can enter the area through cracks in the foundation.

Flooded basement cleanup requires professional restoration services in Queens, NY. SOS Mitigation provides an emergency water damage restoration processdamage restoration services, and complete cleanup at any address in Queens, NY, and surrounding areas!

flooded basement
Flooded basements result in plenty of water damage; furniture and carpeting will need to be replaced

flooded homeFlooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration in Queens, NY

There are many older and historic buildings, businesses, and houses in NYC. Your home or business can easily be a victim of simple leaks from the washing machine or water heaters or more severe causes which result in the need to repair and restore immediately.

Flooding can profoundly weaken your home’s structural integrity and creates an environment for mold to grow and continue breeding. SOS Mitigation makes it our priority to provide the best restoration in Queens, NY.

The water damage restoration process looks something like this:

  1. Free Estimates on any flood cleanup, repair, or restoration services.
  2. Removing the water from the home or business.
  3. Completely drying out the area.
  4. Cleaning and rehabbing the property to its original condition -preventing further damage and mold growth.
  5. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed because when it comes to water damage in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, and the surrounding areas – SOS Mitigation is the leading restoration company providing peace of mind and residents and business owners in our community!
Before After

Before & After

Flooded Basement Cleanup

flood damage mold on basement walls
Water damage, such as mold, to your basement walls is one of the first issues that requires attention when restoring your home

flood cleanup processFlooded Basement Cleanup & the Water Damage Restoration Process

As a licensed, certified, and experienced cleanup and restoration company in Queens, NY – we are obliged to use industry-approved equipment and techniques to rid your home of flood damage. A burst pipe has nothing on our team of professionals – water damage is our specialty, and we will always get the job done.

What to Expect From SOS Mitigation Queens, NY

We always want to ensure complete efficiency and satisfaction for our clients. We are invested in the community we serve and are committed to strict, regulated cleanup & water damage restoration procedures. SOS Mitigation Queens, NY, is always ready and willing to complete any big or small job.

We are experienced in dealing with the following:

  • Flooded Basement Cleaning – Finished & Unfinished.
  • Water Damage due to Rain, Storms & Leaks.
  • Plumbing Leaks (Toilet & Sink) and Sewage Cleanup.
  • Standing Water.
  • Sump Pump Failures.
  • Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Water Discharge.
  • Water Damage due to Fire or Fire Sprinklers.
  • And so much more…

wet box after flooded basement

Initial Contact – Dealing with Flood Damage

If you are looking for emergency basement cleanup due to severe or unexpected water damage – SOS Mitigation has the experience necessary to provide immediate solutions to homeowners in Queens, NY. We can get things done quickly, provide free estimates and work with your insurance adjuster.

During your first contact, typically via phone, we will briefly review logistics before sending out an expert for further assessment and action. We will provide a free service quote and answer any questions before scheduling.

Expert Inspection & Full Damage Assessment

We are in the business of analyzing and mitigating water damage to restore your life. Your damage restoration needs are our responsibility, and we will send a specialist out to get on the ground for a complete assessment of the situation.

The leak inspection process will cover every single square inch of the basement and all possible sources of flooding – toilet, sink, washer, etc. We have dealt with some of the worst flood and water damage in Queens, NY – this isn’t Roto-Rooter; you can rely on us to ensure the security and safety of your home and family.

The inspection process is a vital piece of the damage & restoration process. We want to provide in-depth services to save your property and prevent the problem from escalating further.

After a complete inspection of all leakings and damage assessment, we give you a full report, including final estimates of the costs and a projected timeline for us to restore and clean up your basement.

water removal services
Flooded basement – water removal services

Detect the Source of Flooding

Our experts always deal with detection first, and while the initial inspection should reveal the source – it is our primary responsibility to stop further flooding. This is fundamental to address, as no one wants additional water damage once your restoration crew shows up.

Our crew takes additional steps and precautions if the flooding is due to plumbing and should contain sewage or biohazardous substances. We will bring on trusted specialists from our staff to fully repair any leaking fixtures before we continue the water removal process.

Water Removal and Extraction

To prevent water damage, we want to rid your basement of water using commercial-grade pumping and vacuuming tools. Basement floors and carpets are extremely vulnerable to flood damage since they absorb moisture quickly, and certain materials are more at-risk than others.

We utilize truck-mounted water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers to remove stagnant water from the water-damaged surfaces in your basement.

Our job is to rid your home of all water to prevent water damage, and our staff is fully trained to do the job utilizing our extensive training and skills.

water damaged basement restoration process
Once the floodwater drainage has occurred and the waste has been removed, the repairs can begin in earnest

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Once the water is removed, everything must be re-assessed for water damage to ensure we can thoroughly clean your basement. SOS Mitigation Queens will tackle hard-to-reach surfaces below every appliance and under every floorboard.

We only utilize high-tech advanced power washing equipment to clean concrete floors and all surfaces.

Our experts will review what items can and cannot be salvaged from the flooded basement and continue to communicate with your throughout the entire cleanup process – as we said, this isn’t Roto-Rooter; we are the guys you call to get the job done!

water damage restoration truck
SOS Mitigation’s Truck in NYC

Disinfection & Mold Cleaning

The thing about flood water is that it is likely to contain harmful microorganisms and bacteria, and its presence can increase mold. Consider a toilet overflowing – imagine how many unknown organisms are floating around in that water, and when it is suddenly spread throughout your basement – this is cause for concern.

Our company takes every aspect of our job seriously; therefore, once we have removed the water and cleaned all surfaces, we use additional products to sanitize and disinfect the affected areas.

A wet basement tends to develop white patches on concrete and walls, and those wet surfaces are more breeding grounds for mold. Our crew uses specialized mold remediation solutions to eliminate all these unwanted substances.

Drying & Dehumidification

SOS Mitigation Queens uses advanced equipment – dehumidifiers and industrial air movers – to dry out the basement and all water-damaged surfaces! Our crew will continuously monitor the basement temperature and humidity until everything is thoroughly dried.

During this time, we also use disinfecting products that eliminate antimicrobial contamination and kill bacteria likely to cause unpleasant odors.

before and after flooded basement cleanup
Before & After Flood Cleanup

Basement Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Once the basement has been dried, cleaned, and disinfected – our restoration experts complete a final inspection of any structural damage and act as a liaison with your insurance company to develop any repair or construction plans required.

We will attempt to salvage appliances, furnishings, and plumbing fixtures. We are 150% committed to rehabilitating your basement back to its original state of being!

Dedicated Project Managers

Our professionals and team leaders understand the importance of honest and reliable customer care. By hiring us, you have an expert who listens to your concerns. In addition, our project managers are dedicated to walking with you from start to completion of the basement cleanup and restoration process.

Years of Proven Experience

SOS Mitigation has been in the industry for over a decade. We have provided flooded basement cleanup and water damage restoration services to thousands of homeowners in New York and the surrounding areas. Our experts understand different homeowners’ needs when it comes to basement cleanup and restoration.

Full-Service Restoration

Besides basement water damage cleanup, we provide several industry-approved services. Our experts are here for you with everything required to take care of fire and water damage restoration. Most importantly, SOS Mitigation works with your insurance company directly to get your insurance claims processed as fast as possible.

We Are on Call 24/7

Time is of the essence, especially for water damage companies that deal with basement flooding damages. The more you ignore the flooded basement, the more you expose your property to compromised structural integrity and further damage. Luckily, the SOS Mitigation team is available 24/7 for you.

water pumps dehumidifiers for drainage
Our team spares no expense when it comes to water pumps and dehumidifiers. We’ll restore your damaged rooms in no time!

flood restoration processFlooded Basement Cleanup Process

The long and short of water damage restoration comes down to the following:

  • Water extraction & removal.
  • Water remediation & mitigation.
  • Flood cleanup.

In the case of a natural disaster in Queens, NY, just pick up your phone and call SOS Mitigation. When water from outside has flooded the interiors of your basement, you can count on our technician specialists to provide complete removal, remediation, and cleaning!

On the bright side, when it’s a natural disaster, there’s a 99% chance that you’ll get the total amount for your flooded basement restoration costs back by your home insurance or the state.

free estimate flooded basement
Flood insurance cost estimate

call us todayWhy Call Us When You Need Basement Cleanup and Restoration?

SOS Mitigation is a company dedicated to handling water damage and basement flooding of any magnitude. We are staffed with experts that can provide all the necessary cleanup and restoration. While water is many homeowners’ biggest nightmare – it is something we can tackle with certainty.

Our team guarantees your home will be re-established quickly and reasonably priced!

Dedicated Project Managers

SOS Mitigation in Queens understands the importance of honest and reliable customer care. By hiring our flood services, you will be assigned an expert project manager to communicate and address any concerns.

Our project managers are dedicated to walking with you from start to completion of the basement cleanup and restoration process!

flood attack and how to prevent it
Prevent flooded basement

How Can I Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is not always inevitable. Some of the causes of flooded basements include negligence or issues you can fix to avoid flooding. Here is a list of how to prevent a basement from flooding that you can DIY;

  1. Ensure your plumbing and drainage systems are working efficiently
  2. Install porous pavements around your house to absorb rainwater
  3. Seal cracks and openings on walls, foundations, windows, and floors
  4. Install sump pumps in your basement that drain water automatically
  5. Clean your gutters and downspouts regularly.

professional flood cleanersCall A Flooded Basement Cleanup Pro

flood cleanup professionals
Flood damage cleanup company in NYC

Years of Proven Experience

SOS Mitigation Queens has been in the industry for over a decade. We have supplied flooded basement cleanup and water damage restoration services to thousands of homeowners in Queens, NY, and neighboring areas.

Our crew of experts individualizes and tailors each customer’s experience according to their situation. The knowledge we have procured over the past decade has served our clients well.

Full-Service Restoration

Besides basement water damage cleanup, we provide several industry-approved services. Our experts are here for you with everything required to restore fire and water damage. Most importantly, SOS Mitigation works directly with your insurance company to get your claims processed as efficiently as possible.

Whether you are dealing with a plumbing nightmare or a natural disaster – we want to fix your basement flooding and be integral in the solution.

our team working 24/7 restoration
Flooding can occur at any time so our team will be on standby 24/7 to service your mitigation needs!

We Are On Call 24/7

Time is of the essence for every water damage company. The more you attempt to ignore a flooded basement, the more you inevitably expose your property to compromised structural integrity and further damage. SOS Mitigation in Queens offers 24/7 service to our friends and neighbors in Queens.

We pledge to be available any hour of the day or night, and our representatives are always ready to answer the phone on any queries or support you may need.

Highly Trained & Skilled Specialists

Our team was built using the very best contractors in the industry so we can deal with any flood damage that comes our way. We invest our efforts in hiring top-of-the-industry specialists with immense training and sufficient skills.

Everyone on our crew is an expert in their field, so we can provide top-notch services for any of your water emergencies.

We Use Industry-Grade Equipment & Techniques

Basement cleanup and restoration practices require professional tools and techniques. Our experts use top-quality water removal tools to dry your basement surfaces and re-establish your home.

Moreover, during cleaning and disinfection – we guarantee 100% chemical-free flooded basement sanitation! We are among the very first American home improvement companies nationwide to use green products for flooded basements. SOS Mitigation supplies the best services using the best techniques and equipment!

Free On-Site Estimates

Have an emergency flooded basement cleanup that you need service for immediately? We will never subject you to the long processes of paperwork.

Still, our experts can provide an estimate for all the logistics involved in rehabilitating your house as efficiently as possible, even in the case of an emergency!

Locally Owned & Operated Mitigation Company

SOS Mitigation is a locally owned and operated water damage restoration company in Queens, NY. Our proximity to residents and businesses makes us the ideal solution providers for emergencies.

We have provided flooded basement cleanup services locally for years and understand every situation imaginable. We work hard for the community of Queens, NY, and other neighboring regions!

call us today for a free assessment
Call us today if you’ve been a victim of water damage. We’re the professions who will set things right!

ready to serve your restoration and mitigation needsCall A Flooded Basement Cleanup Pro!

SOS Mitigation is eager to help you with your flooded basement disaster and water damage restoration needs. Reach our representatives today if you need emergency water damage restoration and flooded basement cleanup!

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Queens, NY

We are sorry to hear that you are facing a flooded basement issue. If this is an emergency, fill out the form or call SOS Mitigation now!

Otherwise, we hope you and your family have vacated the premises for safety. High humidity levels, moist wood, and other materials can rapidly grow mold, bacteria, and viruses that threaten your household’s health and security.

Before you go back in – all carpets and rugs, papers and books, disposables, AC units, PC & laptops, drywalls, and other water-damaged equipment should be trashed. Other Non-porous surfaces and hard materials can be thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Only after your property is arid may you come back home. Flooded basements should be fully recovered after a flood.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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