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Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration in Queens, NY

Is your basement flooding due to unknown causes? Unfortunately, the basement is typically susceptible to heavy flooding caused by heavy rains and natural flooding that enters the basements via cracks and seepage in the foundation.

Other causes of a flooded basement include sewage backup, burst pipes, or leaks from the washing machine or water heaters.

Severe basement flooding causes significant damage to your floors and any belongings stored in the basement. Overall, it weakens your home’s structural integrity and increases mold breeding and growth.

If you have a flooded basement in your home, call us immediately. SOS Mitigation provides emergency water damage restoration and flooded basement cleanup services to homeowners in Queens and the surrounding areas.

Important! There are many old buildings and houses in NYC. After flooding, you might find signs of lead or asbestos. Check out the pipes wrap, old paint & plaster materials in walls, floors, ceiling, or piping.

What to Expect From Us?

(Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration Process

As a certified and professional cleanup and restoration company, we are obligated to use industry-approved equipment and techniques to get the job done.

We ensure efficiency and guarantee customer satisfaction by investing our efforts in a strict and regulated cleanup/ restoration process. From the minute you call us, we are ready and willing to make you a part of the process by keeping you informed at all times.

Below is what to expect from our flooded basement cleanup and restoration process.

Before After

Before & After

Flooded Basement Cleanup

1. Initial Contact

Are you looking for emergency basement cleanup and restoration? SOS Mitigation has experience in providing immediate solutions to homeowners with flooded basements. We are the guys to call when you want it efficiently done in the shortest time possible.

During this first contact, usually via a phone call, we will briefly go over the logistics before sending in an expert for further analysis.

 2. Expert Inspection and Damage Assessment

The next step is sending in a specialist to analyze the situation on the ground. The leak inspection process does not take long but covers every square inch of the basement and possible sources of the flooding. Our expert inspects all plumbing fixtures, including sump pumps (in case you installed any). During the inspection, we check for mold and mildew, which pose a threat to your health. We conduct a deep analysis of your basement walls or basement roofs for any signs of compromise.

SOS Mitigation team has state-of-the-art sump pumps and commercial degree wet/dry vacuums to tackle any flooded basement problem.

wet box after flooded basement


The inspection process is vital since it could be the only shot at saving your property just before the damage escalates severely. After a thorough inspection of all leakings and damage assessment, we then give you a full report, including estimates of the costs and time it will take to clean up and restore your basement.

 3. Detect the Source of Flooding

There is a high chance our expert will determine the source of flooding during the inspection process. However, during this second process, we are more determined to stop any further flooding. The fundamental step during a flooded basement cleanup is preventing the water from flooding the basement any further.

We will take the proper steps and precautions in case the flooding contains sewage or biohazard substances. We bring in trusted team members to repair any leaking fixtures before we begin the water removal process.

4. Water Removal/ Extraction

Once we have addressed the flooding source, our experts use commercial grade pumping and vacuuming tools to remove the basement water. Basement floors and carpets are easily vulnerable to flood damage since they absorb moisture quickly, depending on the material. Therefore, during water removal, we also do carpet restoration to prevent further damage.

We use truck-mounted water extraction equipment and dehumidifiers, among others, to remove stagnant water from the water-damaged surfaces in your basement.

After water removal, we use water remediation techniques to prepare the basement for cleanup and restoration.

water removal services
Flooded basement – water removal services

5. Flooded Basement Cleanup

Once SOS Mitigation has removed the water from your basement, we will thoroughly clean all surfaces and areas in the basement. We clean even the hard-to-reach surfaces and below every appliance. We use high-tech power washing equipment to clean your concrete floors and surfaces. Our experts will explain what items can and cannot be salvaged from the flooded basement.

6.   Disinfection and Mold Remediation

Flood water likely contains harmful microorganisms, and its presence can increase mold growth. Therefore, once we have removed the water and cleaned the surfaces, we use advanced products to sanitize the basement areas affected by the flood.

A wet basement typically develops white patches on concrete floors and walls. Moreover, the wet surfaces provide an easy breeding ground for mold. Our team uses specialized mold remediation solutions to get rid of these unwanted substances.

7. Drying and Dehumidification

We use advanced equipment such as dehumidifiers and industrial air movers to dry out the basement and any water-damaged surfaces. An expert monitors the basement temperature ad humidity as the basement area dries your satisfaction and industry standards. Our experts also use disinfecting products that eliminate antimicrobial contamination and kill bacteria that are likely to cause odor.

8. Basement Water Damage Restoration and Repair 

Once the basement has been dried, cleaned, and disinfected, our restoration experts inspect the structural damage and liaise with your insurance company to develop a repair and construction plan. We are 100% committed to restoring your basement to its original pre-damage state.

During restoration, we try to salvage appliances and furnishings that are still usable. If there are any plumbing fixtures to be prepared, we have the experts for that.

water damage restoration truck
SOS Mitigation’s Truck in NYC

Flooded Basement Cleanup Process

The water damage restoration process of flooded basements including:

  • Water extraction & removal.
  • Water remediation & mitigation.
  • Flood cleanup.

In case of a natural disaster, when water from outside has flooded your basement, the cleanup process will include water removal, mitigation, sanitizing, and drying your premise’s structural materials. Only after that, the basement restoration process will begin. On the bright side, when it’s a natural disaster, 99% chance that you’ll get the total amount of your flooded basement restoration costs back by your home insurance or by the state.

before and after flooded basement cleanup
Before & After Flood Cleanup

Why Call Us When You Need Basement Cleanup and Restoration?

SOS Mitigation is a dedicated company with a team of experts to handle basement flooding projects of any magnitude. If you are looking for expert cleanup and restoration contractors for basement flooding, check out some of the reasons you should consider us.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our professionals and team leaders understand the importance of honest and reliable customer care. By hiring us, you have an expert who listens to your concerns. In addition, our project managers are dedicated to walking with you from start to completion of the basement cleanup and restoration process.

Years of Proven Experience

SOS Mitigation has been in the industry for over a decade. We have provided flooded basement cleanup and water damage restoration services to thousands of homeowners in New York and the surrounding areas. Our experts understand different homeowners’ needs when it comes to basement cleanup and restoration.

Full-Service Restoration

Besides basement water damage cleanup, we provide several industry-approved services. Our experts are here for you with everything required to take care of fire and water damage restoration. Most importantly, SOS Mitigation works with your insurance company directly to get your insurance claims processed as fast as possible.

We Are on Call 24/7

Time is of the essence, especially for water damage companies that deal with basement flooding damages. The more you ignore the flooded basement, the more you expose your property to compromised structural integrity and further damage. Luckily, the SOS Mitigation team is available 24/7 for you.

We promise to be there for you even at odd hours. Furthermore, our representatives are ready to answer your queries or any customer complaints.

Highly Trained and Skilled Specialists

Our team comprises the best contractors in the industry. We invest our efforts in hiring top-of-the-industry specialists with proper training. Our experts are well trained for cleanup and restoration tasks as well as in providing top-notch customer service. The experts are quick to answer basement emergencies regardless of size and magnitude.

We Use Industry-grade Equipment and Techniques

Basement cleanup and restoration require professional tools and techniques. We do not use unorthodox means that may expose your basement and home to further damage. Instead, our experts use high-quality water removal tools to dry out your basement surfaces.

Moreover, during cleaning and disinfection, we guarantee 100% chemical-free flooded basement sanitation. We are among the first American home improvement companies to use green products to clean flooded basements. We guarantee the best services by using the best techniques and equipment.

free estimate flooded basement
Flood insurance cost estimate

Free On-Site Estimates

If you have an emergency flooded basement situation, we will not subject you to a long unwinding process of paperwork. However, SOS Mitigation experts can give you a rough estimate of the logistics involved for emergencies as soon as we arrive at the scene.

Locally Owned and Operated

SOS is a locally owned and operated water damage restoration company in Queens, NY. Our proximity to residents and businesses in New York makes us the ideal solution providers for emergencies. Having been providing flooded basement cleanup services in the local areas for years, we understand every situation and customize solutions guaranteed to work for residents of Queens, NY, and the neighboring regions.

flood attack and how to prevent it
Prevent flooded basement

How Can I Prevent Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is not always inevitable. Some of the causes of flooded basements include negligence or issues you can fix to avoid flooding. Here is a list of how to prevent a basement from flooding that you can DIY;

  1. Ensure your plumbing and drainage systems are working efficiently
  2. Install porous pavements around your house to absorb rainwater
  3. Seal cracks and openings on walls, foundations, windows, and floors
  4. Install sump pumps in your basement that drain water automatically
  5. Clean your gutters and downspouts regularly.

Call A Flooded Basement Cleanup Pro

flood cleanup professionals
Flood damage cleanup company in NYC

SOS Mitigation is eager to help you with your flooded basement needs. Call our rep today if you need emergency water damage restoration and flooded basement cleanup.

Flooded Basement Clean-Up in Brooklyn & Queens, NY

So sorry to hear that you’re facing a flooded basement issue.

If this is an emergency, fill out the form or call SOS Mitigation now.

Otherwise, we hope that you and your family have vacated the premises and you’re all safe and sound.

The dangers of high humidity levels, moist wood, and other materials will rapidly grow mold and bacteria, and even viruses. Keep you and your family safe; this can be a severe health hazard!

Before you go back in, all carpets and rugs, papers and books, disposables, AC units, PC & laptops, drywalls, and other water-damaged equipment should be trashed. Other Non-porous surfaces and hard materials can be thoroughly cleaned and restored. Only after your property is arid, you may come back home.

Flooded basements should be fully recovered after a flood.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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