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When there is a basement sewage spill, effective and professional inspection, disinfection, and remediation are all essential for sewage backup cleanup services and safety.

A sewage backup can sometimes occur thanks to a problem with existing plumbing, or you might notice the consistent sound of running water. This might be accompanied by an odor when you flush the toilet or run water.

When raw sewage comes into your home or it begins to flood the property, you not only are going to experience a foul odor, but you also are going to be in the midst of safety and health hazards. If the sewer line backs up into your home or commercial building, you will be getting a collection of sewer material from several other homes and businesses, and this contains things like bacterial and viruses.

Some people believe that they can simply use an extractor and a household disinfectant, but this isn’t enough to ensure that the area is free of bacteria and viruses. Also, remember that sewer water with these bacteria and viruses can get under the flooring, seep into appliances, and even be absorbed into your walls.

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First, we extract all of the sewage water and debris. This must be done with professional equipment and then taken to an approved dumping site.

Next, we remove and dispose of any materials that have absorbed the sewage water. This often includes furniture, carpeting, and even walls. This debris is considered to be a biohazard, so they must also be bagged up correctly, and then disposed in an approved area.

We then use power washes, brushes, and disinfectants to clean up the remaining sewage, and then facilitate drying and dehumidification.

Why Work with SOS Mitigation?

We are a local sewage cleanup company! SOS Mitigation is a highly regarded company and well-respected by our clients. We have all of the experience and training that is required to deal with sewage backup, and we always comply with safety regulations. We also do all of our work with professionalism, and we always ensure a quick response to any call. SOS Mitigation is bonded, licensed, and insured, and we always follow all Federal and New York state regulations for proper disposal and handling of sewage and debris.

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Remove the sewer water as soon as you can. If there is a lot of standing water, you should use a pump, and if the spill is small, you can use a wet-dry vac equipped with a filtration device.

Shovel any dirt, soil, or debris into a strong plastic bag, and the dispose of them properly. You should also contact a professional team like the one at SOS Mitigation.

Keep in mind that you also must clean and disinfect any surface that has come in contact with sewage water. You can do this with a mixture of one cup of household bleach and a gallon of water. Mix those and apply it to the surface. You can use a mop, but it is much easier to use a sturdy, large push broom, as you cover more of an area.

Sewage backup cleanup cost?

Cleaning up a sewer line averages anywhere from about $180 to almost $500. To get the sewer line snaked or rodded, you should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $400.

When you need sewage backup cleanup services in Queens, Long Island, or Brooklyn, reach out to SOS Mitigation.

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