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storm damage restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm and flood damage can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, even when it’s mild in comparison to what your neighbors may have sustained. Mold often thrives on interior or exterior walls after a flood, releasing toxins that can make you sick and other members of your family ill. Experts at SOS Mitigation can get your home back to normal, so you and your loved ones can be healthy.

Flooding Caused by Heavy Rains & Hurricanes

stormy weather in nyc
After Storm Damage Repair

If you’re in an area (and there are many in Queens & Brooklyn) prone to flooding, the chances are that you frequently experience the inconvenience of roads that are blocked by water for days. In the same way, it may take a while for the water to recede from around your building. In this case, flood water may cause damage to your walls and floors, eating away at your home’s foundation as it slowly recedes.

Remediation process

Flood remediation involves cleaning everything that’s been affected by stagnant floodwaters. Our trained team will apply chemicals that sanitize your home and its contents entirely. We also dry out all the materials that have been soaked with floodwater.

Standing water is different from water that runs off quickly after the rain. It has the time to react with concrete, brick, wood, and other surfaces, doing damage that can seem irreparable. However, SOS Mitigation experts can fix surfaces that appeared to be at risk of deteriorating.

Flood remediation teams take the initial steps that are necessary for repairing structural damage. Business & homeowners must do this if they want to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is preserved. For example, if the wood has been warped by floodwater, let our team have a look, and they’ll explain how they can solve the problem for you.

It’s raining; it’s snowing – What to do?

stormy weater in brooklyn
Queens & Brooklyn under a blizzard.
wind daage restortion nyc
Wind & Storm Damage Restoration in NYC

Storm damage restoration Queens, NY

If the rain continues to fall, the problem will worsen if steps aren’t taken to protect your property. On a snowy day, it may take quite a while (depends on the stormy weather) before you can see the lower walls of your house from the outside. They may not be able to dry out naturally or adequately. After the snow melts, it’s the ideal condition for microorganisms to grow. Mold & Mildew issues may require external intervention, and as professionals work to restore the surfaces, your home will be less prone to damage.

Knock knock. Who’s there? Mold. Nobody’s home.

If you’ve frequently had to deal with mold problems in the past, you may already have stains of mold and mildew on the surfaces of your home. In addition, the entire lower wall may be dark brown or black and may carry a slight odor. Both of these issues are serious and can negatively impact any homeowner. It can contribute to feelings of anxiety and may even cause a sense of worry about the future. When you’re facing mold issues, you probably want to move to a temporary place until the damage is repaired.

Flood damage can discourage other people from buying your home, so even if you want to move, you’ll have to deal with this problem before you do so. In addition, many interested buyers will require that you fix flood damage, so you’ll have to address this promptly if you want to get what your home is worth during a sale.

Highly Trained Water Damage Restoration Specialists

SOS Mitigation has water damage restoration specialists who are highly trained in every aspect of the process. No matter what section of your home has been negatively affected by water, they can work quickly to solve the problem. In addition, they provide you with their expertise in foundation repairs, ensuring that your home can continue to stand firm through the years ahead.

storm damage restoration nyc
Knock on wood or wood knock-on

They assist with carpet cleaning and will ensure that the other contents of your home look fresh. Their drying service effectively prevents mildew and mold while ensuring that you don’t have to suffer through irritating odors long after a flood or another disaster. Whether you’ve been affected by a flood, storm, or hurricane, they get to any size disaster faster than other teams.

It’s all about customer service and professionalism.

While each team member understands the technical aspects of what we do, we always communicate with our clients by using terms that are easy to understand. In addition, we encourage our clients to ask questions about the process before we begin to clear up any concerns that they may have.

Hidden Leaks

Sometimes you may come home to find that your home has been flooded, but you’re not quite sure how it happened. In a case like that, you’ll need assistance from experts who can quickly find the leak and shut it off.

It is not wise (unless you’re a pro) to try to solve hidden leaks on your own because you may experience delays that result in more extensive and expensive damage to your property.

Sometimes you may have an appliance failure that you’re not aware of, or you may find that an incident occurs right before you have a big event. A team of specialists can identify the problem quickly and fix it so that you can go ahead with your plans. In addition, they work to find the cause of drainage issues to be less likely to experience similar problems in the future.

Cleanup and Restoration Services for Every Season

As the seasons change, new opportunities and challenges arise. SOS Mitigation team is prepared for every one of them and always helps you successfully navigate any emergency. Whether you’re facing a flood, fire, or damage after a tornado, we are there to help support you and your loved ones.

hurricane damage restoration
Hurricane damage in Brooklyn NY

During hurricane season, we can help you get back on your feet after your entire home has been damaged by water and strong winds. During winter, we will help you to clean up after ice and snowstorms. We can even help you with smoke damage caused by wildfires, so contact our qualified team whenever you face an obstacle.

We love NY | Serving 5 boroughs

NYC storm damage
Storm damage repair in NYC

We’re based in Queens, NY, and have served all boroughs and parts of New Jersey for more than ten years. SOS Mitigation is proud to say that we are a locally-owned business. We understand the unique problems New Jersey residents face whenever a storm develops and how it feels to listen to weather reports indicating that a rough time may be ahead. However, through the years, we have helped our clients to get back on their feet again.

Restore Hope with A Family-Owned Company

As a family-owned business, SOS Mitigation understands just what your family home means to you. It’s not just a place to rest your head. It represents a lot of what you hope for and have worked for through the years. Unfortunately, after a tidal surge, tornado or hurricane, it can seem like those dreams have been temporarily crushed under the weight of debris that has been blown into your yard by heavy winds.

As you wade through all the muck after a hurricane, you may wonder if your home can ever look like new again. We are here to tell you that it can. We pride ourselves on taking a personal interest in restoring the hopes and dreams of our customers.

We understand that when we clean up after a disaster, we help to give a family a fresh perspective.

Working Directly with Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

Storm damage restoration in NYC.
A house in complete wreckage after a storm.

When your home is damaged, you should report flood damage to your homeowner’s insurance company quickly. Keep a record of dates and times because your insurer will need this. It may not be safe to return to your home right away, so you may need to make alternative arrangements for accommodations.

Different policies offer different levels of cover. For example, some will take care of expenses related to replacing damaged items, and others will cover the cost of professional cleanup. You may sometimes also have the cost of temporary accommodations while your home is being cleaned up, addressed entirely by your insurance policy.

We will maximize your insurance coverage.

SOS Mitigation has experienced personnel who have worked directly with insurance companies for years to ensure that our team can fix a home quickly. We will work with your company to never have to delay repairs because of worries about the cost of fixing your basement floor or walls.

Emergency Service

Storm Damage Restoration in nyc
Hurricane Damage in NYC

Sometimes a fast response is what’s needed after a storm hits or a basement pipe is damaged. A quick response team can get to your address and begin cleanup before mold has time to grow. You may even require assistance when you need to sell a property quickly and ensure that it’s in the best possible condition for the new owners.

If heavy rain has caused moisture to seep up from your basement floor or through your walls, a specialist team can help. They can restore your home after it has been damaged through a combination of events, including storm drains, and they’ve got all the tools and trained personnel necessary to make your dwelling look new again.

SOS Mitigation gets to any size disaster faster. Our quick response helps to minimize the damage to your property. If you wait to fix flood damage, you’ll have to spend more to replace everything that’s been affected by moisture. Professionals can assess the problem quickly and take immediate steps to remedy the situation, so contact them today.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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