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Storm Damage Restoration

A storm can literally come out of nowhere, and they can do a lot of damage to your property.

Here in NYC, we are prone to hurricanes and other storms, and history shows us that this is nothing new. In fact, it is believed that a large hurricane caused the Great Storm of 1693 did so much damage to Long Island that is created the Fire Island Cut.

wind daage restortion nyc
Storm damage restoration Queens, NY
storm damage restoration nyc
We will restore and recover your house to be better than before the storm!

How do wind and storm damage your home?

It is also true that offshore islands, which were once adjacent to the City, have totally disappeared due to the damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.

The change in global weather patterns are generally to blame for the all of the storms and hurricanes that the New York City area has experienced over the past few years, and the one that has caused so much damage in recent times is Superstorm Sandy, which hit in 2012.

There will be more storms that hit the City, and you have every reason to worry about what might happen to you or your family if one of these storms affects your home or even your business. However, when you remember that the team at SOS Mitigation is at the ready, you now have some peace of mind.

We like to say that we are “faster to any disaster,” and we always do our best to respond to the calls of our clients as soon as possible. Additionally, we consider ourselves to be “first responders” when it comes to storm damage. The goal here at SOS Mitigation is to respond to the calls of our clients as quickly as possible, and you will never have to wait days for a damage assessment.

How is Storm Damage Different from Other Cleanup?

Things can become pretty predictable when you have a flood. Your rooms will become water-logged, your plumbing and electrical systems will become compromised, and there is always the potential for loss of property.

When a storm hits, though, the outcome can be anything but predictable. Some may find that their trees are uprooted. Others might find that their roof is damaged. Lightening damage is also a possibility, and it can be devastating to your home or property when lightening is paired with hail, or even heavy snow.

When you don’t know where to start after a storm, give the team at SOS Mitigation a call. We will arrive with special tools and knowledge to immediately start making your property back to new. We use the following methods:

As soon as you call us, we come to your location and look at both the interior and exterior damage.

NYC storm damage
Wind damage in Flushing, NY

Why call SOS Mitigation?

Depending on what we find, we can create an assessment of what recovery might include, and we can even contact your insurance company for you.

If there are things you need that we don’t offer, such as uprooting a tree that has been destroyed, we have a full list of contractors to recommend. These are contractors that we would call ourselves if we found storm damage.

The first thing we do is remove any debris, as we want to make sure there is no more damage to your property. We then start to remove the water that may be pooling. We have industrial grade equipment that allows us to quickly pull standing water out of areas, and then we dry the area with equipment such as industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

After this, we may apply some mold remediation products to stop the growth of mold, and then we do another thorough inspection of the ceilings, walls, electrical system, and plumbing. On the outside, we will also take a second look at gutters, roof tiles, exterior pipes, and downspouts. Finally, we do a thorough sanitation including the purification of air and the removal of any lingering odors.

If you require storm damage restoration in Queens or any other borough, contact the team at SOS Mitigation, today.

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