Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage restoration service in Queens, NY

If you notice a flood in your home, take the following steps:

  • Find the source of the water, and do your best to stop it.
  • Check that everyone in the area is safe
  • Remove any possessions from the area
  • Reach out to your insurance company
  • Contact professionals
  • Waterproof as well as you can
Basement Flood Clean up services
Emergency water damage restoration

Water damage restoration

When you think of water damage restoration, you want to work with a company that can provide every service that could come to mind. The SOS Mitigation process is the difference between a total loss and a stunning final product. Our services include:

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

As part of the full cleaning process of a home, air duct cleaning is an important part that many homeowners don’t always think of.

Water Damage Restoration Near Me

Our team quickly responds to any emergency seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You should expect one of our highly professional technicians to arrive at your home or business within hours of the call. We can additionally help you to contact your insurance company to help settle any claims, and of course, we always do incomparable work, no matter if you need water cleanup, if you have had flood damage, or require water damage repair.

Water damage restoration drying equipment
Water damage equipment

Caring Touch

We know that you may feel like you have lost everything if you experience a flood with noticeable water damage. This, however, isn’t the case. We can work with our clients to save things like furniture, carpet, clothing, or other items that we believe may be able to be saved. We always take the utmost care to remove all of these items from the area to avoid additional damage. We always do our best to restore these items as long as the cost to restore the item is lower than the replacement cost.

Exceptional Customer Service

All of our technicians go out of their way to ensure that you understand every step of the process that we might take to restore your property. We will create a definitive plan that is sure to cover your needs, and then explain the plan to you and wait for your approval. Only then will we do any work on your property. It is always our goal to make sure our clients understand the process at every turn.

Quick Drying

We can never complete a full restoration from water damage without ensuring that we get rid of every bit of moisture that is present. We have specialized equipment for removing moisture and humidity, and then we use other equipment, like fans and dryers, to take out even more of the moisture that might remain.

Precautionary Steps

Water damage is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your home, and if you ignore it, you could experience even more loss in the future as the damage is allowed to settle.

Expert Water Damage Restoration in Long Island, NY

We can handle complicated water removal tasks from the moment our experts arrive. Stopping water damage requires experts who know how to deal with any possible situations. Not only does our team know how to fix these issues, but they also know exactly where to look to ensure there is no other damage. We always follow IICRC guidelines during every restoration, and the team at SOS Mitigation NYC is ready and waiting for your call.

Water Damage Restoration Services

SOS Mitigation provides water damage repair services to houses, schools, offices, shops, apartments, hotels, wedding venues, night clubs, restaurants, lift/ Elevator shaft, crawl spaces, government buildings and more. To learn more, consult with an expert.

How To Deal With Water Damage

We GUARANTEE our work because we are the BEST water damage restoration company in Queens and Long Island, NY!. To learn more, talk with an expert.


Proceeding with caution

We strongly advice you to vacate your home, especially if the flooded area is the basement, since most of the electrical outlets are located in the basement area which risks the possibility of short circuiting.

Also, we strongly recommend cutting the power off. However, if you are not sure or comfortable doing that, please wait for our team to arrive.


Extracting the water

This is where we come into the picture. We use high tech pumps in order to pump out the water in the fastest most efficient way, based on the flooded area. It is important to contact a licensed water damage professional, since extracting the water can consume a lot of time, effort and create more hassles later on. This is because, too slow, or too fast water pumping can erode the foundation walls of the necessary oils.


Drying the basement

It’s highly recommended to call a water damage and restoration company within 48 hours! The mitigation process is crucial within that time frame to prevent mold growth and more damage to the property. With several powerful dehumidifiers, fans and air movers, SOS mitigation, will make sure that there will be no iota of water and moisture left in the basement or in the flooded area.