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What’s the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost in Long Island, NY?

Long Island homeowners may feel uneasy or nervous about diving into new home improvement projects because of the tremendous changes during any home renovation and the average cost. When it comes to the kitchen, AKA the heart of the home, it is generally one of the more sought-after spaces that many buyers center their purchase around and where homeowners spend time with family and friends.

Kitchen remodel costs vary greatly according to many factors, and while the difference of a few dollars isn’t much for one family – it may be for another. If you are considering any renovation project, you must consider your budget and how you can use that to your advantage. It can also be required due to water damage or severe flooding, and although that is not always great to deal with, the result can be truly magical!

Kitchen remodeling costs have often been the deciding factor in whether or not homeowners choose to commit to a project or bailout – but if you are devoted to creating a new kitchen for your home, there are ways of understanding your budget breakdown to save money and create the kitchen of your dreams!

kitchen remodeled design
What are you looking for in your new kitchen? New countertops and fixtures? Maybe a complete makeover? Consider what you would like before planning a budget

Kitchen Remodeling Project Costs in Long Island

Renovation costs depend on many factors when generating an entirely new kitchen. The typical cost of kitchen remodel in Long Island usually depends upon the total square feet of the space, project scope, labor costs, and materials.

This also depends on whether you are attempting the entire kitchen remodel alone – or hiring a professional, reliable, and affordable general contractor in Long Island, like SOS Mitigation. SOS contractors and designers provide a free assessment and consultation to review all remodeling costs before the project begins.

Understanding your budget in relation to the national average can help you know what is realistic. Some design companies will charge a flat fee according to the square feet of the project, and others have different pricing associated with custom cabinets, changing a floor plan, etc.

budgeting for kitchenBudgeting for Your Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Sticking to your budget means using your resources wisely and cutting costs in places that aren’t high on your list of priorities. Creating a solid budget and making a list of priorities helps to back up any tough decisions and allows you to keep track of spending throughout the project.

The average kitchen remodel cost in America is approximately $25,500 to $75,000. Every kitchen renovation is unique, just as every home is different, and the reasons for making upgrades or changes can vary. Most Americans budget about $45,000 for a mid-grade kitchen remodel, but many need help sticking to their budgets.

Long Island, NY, is a place that allows you to be resourceful because many of the homes are historic and have exclusive personalities, so adding to those characteristics to meet your own needs isn’t all too difficult. The remodeling costs come in a bit higher than the national averages sitting at about $49,500 for a mid-grade kitchen renovation, but the finish levels and materials can change everything.

model kitchen design
Remodeling your kitchen wont be cheap – unless you’re planning on cutting corners – so have a clear idea what you would like in your dream design

Researching a Typical Kitchen Remodel

Long Island homeowners should all approach the average cost of any kitchen remodel in doing their research – so if you happened upon this article in doing so, you are on the right track. A kitchen renovation or remodel is a major project to take on. It should be given much thought and researched whether you are a Long Island native.

People across America value their kitchens and homes in a way deemed priceless to others, and upgrading to a new kitchen should bring additional value and function to your life. As you look into the pricing and budgets associated with your potential kitchen renovation, you should also be inquiring about a dependable, local Long Island contractor you can work with throughout the process.

SOS Mitigation Long Island supplies customers with the fundamental knowledge to create their kitchen remodeling budget and an accurate estimate. Being equipped as a homeowner and consumer in Long Island, NY, will support a successful home improvement process!

square foot measurementsSquare Foot Pricing Matters

Nearly every element associated with kitchen remodels deals with pricing per square foot. The total square footage of your kitchen matters in home renovation costs. All materials and labor will be dependent on the cost per square foot.

Changing your kitchen layout depends on the cost per square foot. Every aspect of kitchen remodeling depends on the project’s size, scope, and scale. The larger the kitchen, the more money it will cost to develop something new.

  • The average kitchen remodel cost of a large kitchen is created by looking at the cost per square foot. Anything 120 sqft or over costs approximately $50,500 to $75,000.
  • The average kitchen remodel cost for a medium size kitchen, anything between 90 to 120 sqft, runs from $29,500 to $50,000.
  • The average cost for a smaller kitchen, anything 90 sqft or smaller, is approximately $18,500 to $30,000.
kitchen island
If you’re considering installing an island in your kitchen, think about how much space you will be giving up and make sure you will still have room to navigate afterwards!

scope of kitchen projectScope of Kitchen Renovation Project

While square-foot pricing matters, the project’s scope makes a huge difference in budget. The total construction, labor, and materials required to complete the kitchen remodel will affect the average cost considerably.

If you are changing the current layout – this will change the costs. If you are going to be moving plumbing fixtures around – this will change the final price. If you want to generate a brand new kitchen space on the second floor – that could be a fully custom project which will significantly affect your project’s budget.

Complete Remodel

The city of Long Island has beautiful homes, and many have a historical value that homeowners want to maintain. Still, others may choose to complete a full gut renovation or a complete remodel. When you are taking everything down to the studs and building it back up again – you have to calculate the cost of permits, construction, labor, materials, etc.

A full kitchen remodel means changing your entire kitchen, messing with the layout, and moving walls or plumbing fixtures. This will inevitably cost more than utilizing existing components of your kitchen to make upgrades and renovations as needed or desired.

partial renovation
New fixtures and cabinet doors add a fresh finish to your existing kitchen design without eating into your finances

Partial Kitchen Renovation

partial kitchen renovation will still need to calculate the price per square foot, but it costs considerably less than a complete remodel. Renovations are more geared towards ripping some things out and replacing them. For example, you may upgrade the doors instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets and pull out your old tile backsplash for something new. Alternatively, you might sand down, clean, and polish your existing floors instead of ripping everything up, making a complete replacement.

They generally will utilize the existing kitchen’s layout and attempt to use existing kitchen cabinets to keep costs down. If you are on a tight budget, a renovation project may be easier to complete than a full remodel, and there is still so much you can do to change the room’s interior.

labor for refurbishing kitchenLabor Cost

Regardless of the project’s scope, the labor cost will affect the final cost of your kitchen remodel. Most Long Island contractors and design companies charge between $4,000 to $7,500 for their services. This, again, depends on how they charge and how much work needs to be completed.

Some businesses may charge per square foot, but most will charge by the hour for any labor associated with kitchen remodeling. These two factors influence each other inevitably because a more extensive kitchen will take longer to complete the work. Labor costs are fused through every aspect of the process.

Materials Costs

Materials are almost always calculated in price per square foot and finish level. Materials are a prime example of how the grade of the finish affects your remodeling budget. High-end materials will impact kitchen remodeling costs more than budget materials. Materials can make up 70 to 80% of your total budget!

  • Things like countertops, cabinets, and kitchen floor account for the materials. The average cost of materials for a budget renovation is about $15,000 to $40,000.
  • The average cost of materials is calculated per square foot. For a high-end kitchen remodel, you are looking at approximately $60,000 to $150,000.
kitchen cabinets
Your cabinets will be the first thing guests notice in your new kitchen. Make them stand out!

kitchen cabinetKitchen Cabinets

The most considerable expense in kitchen remodeling is new cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets are used for kitchen storage and organization. They also provide design elements and texture to the room. Plenty of people are now utilizing new forms of cabinetry – things like drawers and open shelving are now more popular in kitchen design.

Cabinets store our most meaningful kitchen supplies and daily needs for cooking, preparing, and serving meals. They constitute a significant piece in remodeling because cabinets have changed over time. Contemporary cabinets have moved passed the more traditional “shaker-style” options and stick to a more sleek and functional design.

Because cabinets can easily become outdated, choosing between upgrading and replacing becomes a major decision in remodeling efforts. The average cost of your entire renovation can be based on your cabinets alone…

  • Installing custom cabinets in Long Island can cost approximately $600 to $1,500 per linear foot.
  • Semi-custom cabinets will run you anywhere from $300 to $750 per linear foot.
  • Stock cabinets are the most budget-friendly option for a kitchen remodel, with the average cost per linear foot at $100 to $250.

Using Your Existing Cabinets to Save Money

Using your existing cabinets is always a way to save money during the renovation project. On top of the cost of materials, you also have to consider construction and installation pricing. Remodeling anything comes with so many moving pieces to ensure you are left with a finished project that fits together and suits your family’s needs and personality.

You can add a fresh coat of paint, update the hardware or simply replace the cabinet doors for a fresh look without digging into your pockets. There are so many options to upgrade your cabinets without sacrificing the design quality – and this will be much cheaper than installing new ones.

kitchen appliancesHigh-End Appliances

New appliances will be another one of the major decisions you will have to face during your Long Island kitchen remodeling project. Your kitchen appliances are another means of food storage and provide convenience for the whole family.

You may need to spend money on appliances to save money, and this may be the only example of that in a kitchen remodel. If you take the time to commit to a complete kitchen remodel, it may be time to upgrade your kitchen appliances too. High-end appliances can reduce energy costs, provide beautiful design elements, and yield the best results over time.

How New Appliances Affect Your Total Budget Breakdown

While your countertop material and floor materials costs will be calculated per linear or square foot – appliances vary by brand. Companies like KuchtSub-Zero & Wolf create luxury appliances priced according to design and quality. Higher-end appliances can cost about $20,000 to $38,000.

More reasonably priced options are available – for example, brands like Bosch & Frigidaire offer quality kitchen appliances that are more budget-friendly for your wallet. These appliances can still cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

lighting fixtures
While natural light can be your best friend, having lighting fixtures that accentuate each corner of your kitchen equally is an absolute must

lighting fixturesPlumbing Fixtures & Lighting Fixtures

If you are changing out appliances, it may be time to look at your plumbing.- if you aren’t already moving plumbing and gas lines around, that is. If you are already committed to a complete kitchen remodel, it is best for you to renovate every aspect contributing to the project’s success.

The average plumbing renovations cost approximately $3,500 to $7,500, including labor and materials.

Brighten Up Your Renovation

Lighting fixtures are one of the more exciting design elements for your renovation or remodel, and the effects of both natural and artificial lighting can completely change your kitchen. The cost of illumination truly depends on what you hope to create with it. You can go with something entirely custom, or you can simply make upgrades to existing fixtures.

All and all, the general consensus for lighting within a kitchen remodel comes with a price tag starting at $500 and can end at $3,500 on average. The cost of lighting is generally something you see in just about every kitchen remodel or renovation – it is up to you how much you want to customize your lighting to spruce up your kitchen and elevate your surroundings.

tile backsplash and countertop
Tile backsplashes and countertops that contrast and compliment one another is another genus way of making your kitchen stand out among the neighbors!

kitchen countertopTile Backsplash & Countertop Materials

Backsplash and countertops are another fun and exhilarating piece of the puzzle when remodeling your kitchen. They allow you to make relevant and contemporary upgrades to your space while providing space for your own taste and style. Backsplash has long been debated on what is trending and what is not. While white subway tile backsplash was once all the rage – more seamless options have risen to the forefront of popularity.

New Kitchen Countertop Materials

The idea of a new countertop in natural stone was born out of the granite slabs and tile age. Each design era is typically built off of the previous and elevates itself practically to the room in question. The cost of new kitchen countertops is composed primarily according to materials – where porcelain and marble are in high demand

  • Marble countertops cost approximately $30 to $250 per square foot.
  • Quartz countertops cost roughly $20 to $100 per square foot.
  • Granite countertops come to about $18 to $165 per square foot.
  • Silestone countertops can run you from $75 to $180 per square foot.
kitchen island sizes
Kitchen islands for your sink and breakfast dining can be designed to suit any sized kitchen

Installing a Kitchen Island

Your countertop materials should be chosen carefully, and the help of a professional contractor can’t hurt. Still, the infamous kitchen island has made another appearance regarding counter space. Approximately 75% of Americans choose to install an island when undergoing a full kitchen remodeling project.

Some choose them for additional storage space, while others just like having an additional gathering space for get-togethers and family meals. Regardless, accessories like kitchen islands can increase construction, labor, and remodeling costs. The cost of installing an island relies on other factors, for example: if your existing floor plan can accommodate this or needs to be changed, the materials, etc. The general cost of installing a new kitchen island is yet another expense added to your kitchen remodeling budget and can cost approximately $3,500.00 to $7,000.00!

kitchen extension
Many homeowners are extending their properties to accommodate the kitchen of their dreams

moving kitchen walls humorMoving Walls for Your Home Remodel?

Things can change when you change your kitchen’s layoutmoving walls and gas or plumbing lines around. This is also when the help of professionals and their knowledge is helpful for safety and security reasons. Once you start breaking down and building new walls – you will see an increase in the total cost of labor and construction, which are two significant factors within the budget.

The cost of moving walls around is entirely dependent upon the company you choose to team up with and how much building is required on top of that – sometimes, people are solely removing walls to create a more open concept rather than building something in its place. When you work with companies like SOS Mitigation, you are guaranteed a solid price point, top-tier materials, and opinions from experts in their field of work.

Permits Required for Full Gut Renovation

If you are committed to a gut renovation or complete kitchen remodel, things like licensing and permits are required for general safety. To understand the full scope of necessary permits, you must go directly to your county’s website and do additional research. This is one of the major perks of working with expert contractors for your renovations – Long Island requires all companies to be licensed and insured, and they will take care of all the permits for you!

When you must entirely gut a space after a flood or water damage, the last thing you want to deal with is the meticulous matters. The stress of change is sometimes too great for one person to bear; relying on a business or team of individuals you can trust is much better.

Using a General Contractor Vs. DIY Kitchen Remodels

Cost is often the deciding factor in any type of home improvement project, but on the same token, you will get out of something you can put into it. Your kitchen is a gathering space and an extraordinary room within any home. It is a place to create memories that will last a lifetime and share meals with those that you cherish the most. The cost of the work you put into your home is not always something you can put a price on.

When entering the kitchen remodel process, you must remember that there is always a return on your investment. The average ROI for a full kitchen remodel is 60%-75% of your budget. It increases the value of your home whether you are considering selling in the future; therefore, how you approach the process is critical.

BallPark Costs For A DIY Kitchen Remodeling Project in Long Island

DIY renovations and remodeling have grown in popularity over recent years and throughout the nationwide pandemic -as people were stuck in their homes and did not have the option of bringing in professional contractors. While this is certainly a valid way to complete a remodel and save money, many factors must be considered before venturing out left to your own devices.

The average DIY kitchen remodel costs about $19,500 to $37,000, and most homeowners in Long Island, NY, will spend anywhere from $90 to $350 per square foot. This isn’t too much different from what we see working with a licensed general contractor, but it comes without the benefits.

Perks of Working with A Professional General Contractor

Working with a professional business allows you a lot of space to breathe and creates a stress-free environment for remodeling. While there are additional costs associated with hiring a contractor or design team, there are many perks that come along with it:

  1. Consultation & Estimate – SOS Mitigation provides a free estimate and consultation for any remodeling services. This allows you to compare quotes with other companies and understand the cost breakdown of your kitchen renovations.
  2. Safety & Security – Remodeling is not always the safest task to attempt DIY-style. There are many safety rules and regulations for remodels, and renovation specialists have licensing and insurance to provide safety for homeowners, their homes, and crews.
  3. Scheduling & Planning – A lot of work goes into successful kitchen remodeling, and to regulate those tasks, you have to stay on a projected schedule and have a plan. Professional contractors can provide both and communicate with you throughout the process.
  4. Renovation Management – Most companies will give a manager to oversee all design, construction, and remodeling procedures. They are meant to guide you through the process and oversee the renovations – that way, you don’t have to stress about any of it!
  5. Resourcing Materials – Instead of researching and hunting for your deals on materials, a general contractor has already established relationships with brands to readily source materials and provide discounts on those items.
  6. Quality of Work – You will never have to worry about the quality of work, labor, and craftsmanship when working with a business like SOS Mitigation. We are in the business of creating better kitchens at a reasonable price. Bringing your vision to fruition is our only mission!
use professional kitchen remodelers
Without the proper know-how, we can be our own greatest obstacle in making our dream kitchens a reality. Call the professions and we’ll take care of the planning!

Ready to Begin Your Free Kitchen Design?

If you have been considering a kitchen remodel but were unsure about pricing or cost – now is the time to move in the right direction and achieve your dream kitchen! SOS Mitigation is committed to providing Long Island residents and all NY boroughs superior construction, design, and remodeling services.

call us today for free estimationContact our Team of Professionals at SOS Mitigation in Long Island, NY

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly experienced in luxurious kitchen remodeling, and reaching out is the first step to your new life. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide your free remodeling quote. Begin your kitchen transformation today by calling us at (718) 305-1189. We are excited to hear from you!

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