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Wind damage restoration in NYC

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm or wind damage

Some of the worst damages to encounter are the ones resulting from mother nature.

That is because it becomes hard to assess the damage, and the wind or storm causes extensive damages.

For instance, for a wholly ruined wall or roof, it would be hard for an inexperienced person to repair that.

However, if you have broken windows, doors, broken pipes in the garden or a hole in your wall, then you can quickly repair these damages.

But, before anything, call your insurance company and notify them of the damage so that you receive your full compensation.

Wind damage restoration in NYC
A house in complete wreckage after a storm and wind blew through it.

So, where do you begin when handling the aftermath of storm or wind damage?

Assess the extent of the damage

After a storm or heavy winds, you need to be careful when walking around your home, especially if you notice some extensive damages.

If you see some loose wires in your home, do not be too quick to get them out of your way.

Then check the walls for any cracks or holes.

Then, check your roof. Since it is one of the most affected areas in the event of a storm, check how much damage is on the roof.

Then, inspect the windows, cars, garden equipment, and any other machines or devices outside your home.

Once you have a general idea of what needs to repair or replaced, you can then get to work.

However, if you fear that you did not do enough accounting for all the losses, you can hire one of our professionals to help you record all losses and their approximate value.

Identify what you can and cannot repair successfully

From the list of damages provided by the expert, you can tick off what you can quickly fix, and where you will need immediate wind and storm damage services.

For instance, if there are broken windows, you could replace those, while calling an expert to help reconstruct the foundation of your home.

Also, if the lamps in your porch blew up, you can replace them while an expert reconnects you to the main grid for power supply.

If you have a damaged wall that you can easily plaster, then the expert can take over replacing the blown away roof to your home.

Finally, when you have a damaged drainage system, then you can replace the pipes while the expert takes care of where you will drain your waste.

Buy the right material for the repair.

After selecting all the repairs you can handle confidently, then it is time you went to the hardware store and got all the tools and materials you need.

Among the list, ensure you get some gloves for hand protection, some goggles for your eyes, an excellent helmet for your head protection, and an overall to protect from excessive dirt.

Then you can get the materials for the repairs.

These could include patty for fixing the windows, the sealant to seal off holes in the walls, electrical wires for fixing sockets into the walls, some paint for the finishing touch, and even some drywall to replace the ones damaged in the storm or strong winds.

When it comes to tiling and roofing, ask for help from an expert to avoid futile labor.

Fix and wait for them to dry

Storm damage restoration in NYC.
A house in complete wreckage after a storm and wind blew through it.

Once you have fixed the windows, the walls, the roof, the damaged drainage, and the electrical wiring, now you wait.

Wait for the connectors to cool off, the patty to dry, the silicon to dry off, and then glue on the dry walls too.

If you have painted your home, then you also wait for it to dry before you start moving things around.

Taking caution when handling the recently repaired or replaced materials ensures that you do not undo all the hard work you did in the past few days.

Call an expert for the more difficult tasks

Once you complete the easy DIY tasks, you can then call in a professional to help with the more difficult task.

If you need your mains reconnected, then you call in for an electrician.

On the other hand, if your water supply was cut off in the storm, you call a plumber to help.

If you are having problems with your roof, insulation, AC, or even the furnace, then you are at liberty to call in a professional for help.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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