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How To Restore Your Basement After Flooding

Basements in many homes, are used as storage units, which means that you rarely go down there unless you need something. This makes them prone to extensive flooding in the event of a broken or leaking pipe. Furthermore, since most do not have an elaborate drainage system, the water stays stagnant, and soon, infection-causing organisms to find their home in your basement.

Flooded Basement Water Pump-out
Flooded basement water pump-out services in NYC.

The worst happens when your wastewater drainage starts to leak into your basement.

When it happens, you need to act quickly to curb the extent of the damage.

To do so, we have a list of tips to help you deal with a flooded basement.

First, identify the source of the water

If the water is coming from a broken open pipe, then it becomes easier to identify the source of the water.

However, some cases are not straightforward.

Take, for instance, when the pipe broke in the wall, so the insulation soaks up the water, and now the whole wall seems to be wet, what do you do then?

The best way is to find the blueprints of your home and inspect your pipework.

If you find a whole wall wet, then you can approximate the location of the leaking pipe and reach it.

Broken pipes could be as a result of substantial weight on the pipes, too much pressure of the water, or frozen pipes.

Seal it off or repair it

For a leaking pipe, the repair is simple, find a connection pipe.

Cut out the broken part and replace it with a kind piece.

Then using the connection pipe, connect both ends of the tube and inspect the job you have done before sealing off the wall.

However, you can go with an even simpler option: turn off the supply to the pipe.

Although this would cause some water shortage around your home, it is a good plan as you look for the necessary materials to repair the leaking pipe.

Pump out water from the basement

24/7 Emergency Services
Pumping away the flood in NYC.

To remove the water from your basement, you can choose to do it manually or have a suction pump do the work for you.

With a suction pump, connect the drawing end to the basement, at the bottom-most part.

The other end, connect to a sewer line or any other outlet close to you.

Then, plug in the pump into a socket, ensuring you have the right protection against overloading and shorting your electrical supply.

Switch the device on and wait until you pump al the water out.

Remove and replace any damaged walls or insulation.

When you take care of the flooding water immediately, then you can skip this test.

However, if you walk into your basement and notice a considerable amount of water that builds up over time, then this becomes a crucial step in your cleanup process.

Check the walls for permanent marks of water damage.

These could be lines on the wood showing the clear distinction of the wet and dry parts, or even rotting.

Remove the drywall in your basement.

Then replace the insulation material that is wet with new, dry, and thick insulation.

Then, replace the drywall with new ones and fit them accordingly.

Taking care of the insulation protects your home from mold growth and helps in keeping you warm and cozy.

Let the basement dry

If there are any windows in your basement, open them to increase air circulation.

Mold Clean Up in NYC
Mold overgrown on the ceiling of a home. How to remove mold and excess moisture.

However, if there are none, you can use or a massive fan to increase airflow in and out of your basement. A bit more expensive would dehumidifiers. Depend on the power of your dehumidifier the faster your basement will be dry. If there are any wet materials in the basement, you can take them out to dry in the sun.

Prime and paint it if you like

If you choose to convert your basement to a more useful room, you can add a coat of primer on your walls.

If you have wooden walls, this goes a long way in ensuring you protect them from a mold attack soon.

With an oil-based primer, you protect the wood from soaking in moisture, which acts as an excellent breeding ground for the mold.

Dealing with a flooded basement is easy and straightforward.

However, when you notice that the water compromised your foundation, do not attempt to handle the issue by yourself.

That is when you call in for a professional from SOS Mitigation to help devise a plan on how to deal with the flooded basement cleanup.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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