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Water Damage Long Island

With climate change and the overall environmental crisis, the frequency of natural disasters has increased. No doubt, this is alarming and needs to be taken into account by the concerned authorities. Households and businesses residing near the coastline are at a greater risk of being affected by the flood. For this reason, it is important to take precautionary measures to slow down the impact of water damage. Bear in mind; water damage does affect not only the property but also human health, which is one of the biggest reasons to take it seriously. Here is everything you need to do when the experts forecast heavy rainfall followed by flooding, especially in Long Island and nearby areas.

Cover Up Electric Items and Wires

Going through hazards accompanied by electric mishaps should not even be the last thing that one should go through. It is important to know that water entering electrical units can create havoc in the form of short circuits, fires, and electrocution. This is why cover up everything involving electricity with resilient waterproof sheets. This will also help minimize the risks of blown fuses and disrupt the power supply in times of crisis.

Roll Up Carpets and Rugs

Floods are vicious and can cause irreversible damage to your property, especially textiles. We suggest you roll and pack carpets and rugs somewhere safe. We all know floodwater contains countless contaminants that make nearly everything unfit for use. Hence, exposure to moisture can result in the development of deadly bacteria and fungus on the carpets.

Create a List of water Damage Companies

Even if you take a hundred and fifty precautionary measures, there is still a certain degree of water damage that might take place. Take a proactive approach here and make a list of water damage companies with their contact details. Gather the names of as many companies as possible. It is advisable not to leave it for the last minute since the companies are overbooked during such unfortunate times.

Buy and Store Food Supplies

It becomes tough to step out of the house when there is a storm and heavy rainfall outside. More than that, there are chances of blocked routes, so don’t take a risk and have enough food supplies in your house. You should be even more careful if you have young children living with you. Buy milk and other baby supplies to avoid any inconvenience.

Contact the Authorities

Make sure you contact the authorities once the alert has been sent out. The relevant persons will provide you guidelines on how to tackle the situation and what measures to take before and afterward. In addition to this, you will also get to know about the operational routes as the authorities tend to block the high-risk routes.

Prepare a Medical Kit

It would help if you were self-sufficient in such situations. Hence, prepare a medical kit that includes everything from pain killers to bandages. A better idea would be to consult a medical practitioner beforehand and gather information about what should be put in the kit for emergency purposes. Also, prepare a list of numbers that you can use in case of medical emergencies.

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Joe D

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