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Water Damage New Jersey

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You are on the wrong track if you believe water damage can only result in mold colonies and property damage. It is important to know that water damage can continue to spread venom until you decide to take strict action against it. Unfortunately, the after-effects of water damage do not just stop at your property. The effects continue to expand and start affecting your health in ways that are beyond your imagination. Our experts believe that educating the population about the health effects of water damage is equally important as other aspects of the issue. No doubt, it can save millions from falling prey to what comes after the disaster.

Below we have discussed what water damage does to your health.

Respiratory Problems

There is no doubt about the fact that water damage caused by contaminated source reduces the indoor living quality. Poor indoor quality is mainly accompanied by respiratory issues. People who already suffer from any type of respiratory infection are more likely to be affected by the quality of air. In addition to this, children, older adults, and anyone with a weak immune system are all prone to developing respiratory disorders from water damage.

Flu-like Symptoms

Toxins that come with water damage release gases whose exposure results in flu-like symptoms. You might experience coughing, sneezing, and sometimes stuffy nose after massive water damage. Although these symptoms are on the milder side, they still have the potential to become chronic if you refuse to treat the problem. For instance, a simple cough today might turn into bronchitis later.

Skin Allergies

This generally happens when your skin is exposed to the toxic water that comes with leakages and flood. As we mentioned earlier, water coming from an unclean source is loaded with toxic minerals. The exposure might cause itchy skin, rashes, and various other types of skin disorders depending upon your immunity and the strength of toxins.

Persistent Headaches

Leakages and flood encourage the growth of bacteria and fungus on various surfaces. The fungus then emits a range of toxic gases that can easily trigger your headaches. Many people complain of frequent migraine attacks after heavy water damage. If you are already someone who suffers from frequent headaches then do not delay fixing the problem. Swallowing pain killers and visits to the doctor won’t make any difference if the headaches are caused by toxins.

Fatigue and Low Levels of Energy

One cannot expect to feel alright once there are several toxins released into the air. You may experience lethargy and fatigue after a pipe burst or a flood. The problem may become even worse if you choose to show neglect and delay the matter.

In a nutshell, figure out if that the above-mentioned symptoms are being triggered by water damage if you recently experienced flooding or leakage. Instantly call a team from a company that deals with water damage before it further affects your health. Your health is certainly more valuable than the charges of water damage treatment.