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Water Damage Restoration in Chelsea, NYC

When dealing with house damage, you would require to replace some materials, repair some, and some, you rebuild.

You would patch up a wall or tear it down and build a new one.

You can replace the shelves, clothing, and some ductwork.

Also, when the damage is extensive, then you would require a new heating and air conditioning system.

All these can be overwhelming to handle, and if you want a safe house, then you will hire a professional for these services.

That is why we are here.

At SOS Mitigation, we have got your covered.

From floors to walls and plumbing to new electrical connections and electronic restoration, we have got you covered.

Water Damage Restoration services
Water damage clean-up after a home is flooded with water. Call SOS Mitigation

Our services include:

Storm Restoration

If you need immediate, emergency, 24/7 storm damage restoration services, then SOS Mitigation is your company of choice.

Equipped with the best tools to handle the worst the storm can bring, you can rely on us to get you out of danger in no time.

The storm often damages your wall, the roof, the power mains connecting to your home, the plumbing work, and sometimes leads to water damage. Most of these we can repair.

We can replace the shuttered glass, rebuild your roof and walls, or even reconnect your waterworks.

We reconnect your home before we leave and wait for the area authority to repair the electrical connection from the mains.

Besides, if you want help with your insurance billing, then we are the people you need to be working with.

Fire Damage Restoration
A house roof gutted with fire. How to restore your home after fire damage

Fire and smoke remediation

If the fire is contained in one room, then the smoke and soot cleaning becomes more effortless.

However, this becomes exponentially difficult if you are cleaning the whole house.

You can even clean the single room yourself.

All you would need is some cleaning rags, a bucket of hot water, some cleaning sponge, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, a fan, and a sponge.

However, when the space to clean is vast, and you feel that you are not to the task, then you can call us for the cleanup.

We understand the dangers of inhaling soot and ashes and the discomfort that comes with the smoky smell.

With ventilation, scrubbing, and vacuuming, we can get started to clean your house.

Then, we would need to clean your walls and surfaces to avoid soot discoloration.

If the furniture absorbed the smoke, you might have to wash or replace them.

Fire Damage Restoration in NYC
Where to start restoring a home after it is destroyed by fire. SOS fire damage restoration in NYC

Water damage restoration

Whenever you call us in to help you with water damage restoration, we will start by inspecting the possible causes of the water damage.

It makes no sense to clean the water without handling the source since we do not resolve the problem.

We will look at the plumbing, the drainage, the roof, anywhere there is a water pipe, we will inspect.

Then, we go-ahead to drain the water from your house.

We achieve this by placing a pipe in the lowest part of your house and pumping the water out.

Then we will dry your home before we proceed to clean.

We will then repair the damaged parts, install new drywall panels, rebuilding your basement, and even replacing your insulation.

Contact us today if you need help dealing with water damage in Chelsea, NYC.

Sewage Back-up services in NYC
Call SOS Mitigation for residential and commercial sewage backup services

Sewage backups

One of the worst outcomes of sewage backup is the health risks it poses to the people living in that space.

Besides the pungent smell, the likelihood of mold growth, the damage to the walls, and the insulation materials, sewage backup can ruin your day and reputation.

Imagine walking into an office, to be faced by the worst smell early in the morning.

Alternatively, since the sewage could leak from any drainage outlet in your home, it means it reaches multiple levels all at the same time.

so, if there is mold growing, then you experience the worst case of the mold infestation.

The wise thing to do once you notice the smell is to call in a professional to help you deal with the sewage backup.

That is why SOS Mitigation has the sewage backup restoration team.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration
The process of restoring a home after a smoke and fire incident.

Mold remediation

Mold grows in hidden spaces, quickly moves from place to place, and has adverse effects on human health.

So, when you notice some black spots on your wall, then you are probably facing an infestation.

Cleaning the mold can be harmful since it is light, and you could breathe it in.

Instead, you need special gear, tools, and cleaning agents to get the job done.

Why worry about all these when you can hire us to help you with the mold remediation in NYC?


Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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