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Water Damage Restoration in Chinatown, NYC

We often find ourselves dealing with a lot of things we are not prepared for.

When there is a storm, and it takes out a wall, there are high chances that there will be broken pipes, whether gas, water, sewer drains or air conditioning vents.

So, when the storm is over, you have to face the aftermath, then you would be devastated, overwhelmed, and greatly understaffed.

So, instead of handling all this stress alone, why not reach out to an expert for help?

If you are in Chinatown, then you would want the services delivered immediately, so you get back to your business in the shortest time possible.

Mold Remediation in Chinatown, NYC
Fire and smoke damage restoration in NYC

Well, lucky for you, SOS Mitigation provides its services over and beyond Chinatown.

Our restoration services include:

Storm Restoration

With the unpredictable nature of nature, it becomes hard to prepare for storm damage.

What can you do to prevent your roof from being blown away?

There is very little you can do to prevent a tree from falling into your house.

So, when it happens, you would need all the help you can get to go back to the pre-storm conditions.

That is where we come in.

With our remarkable services when it comes to damage assessment, we will help you draft your bill to your insurance company for compensation.

Also, we will help you rebuild the fallen walls, reinstall your roofs, repair your damaged electrical connection, and even rewire your home.

Contact SOS Mitigation today and get immediate, fast, and affordable storm restoration services anywhere in Chinatown.

Fire Damage Restoration
A house roof gutted with fire. How to restore your home after fire damage

Fire and smoke remediation

You can probably clean up your whole house if given the time.

However, when you are short on time, and you need a safe place to stay, then hiring a professional to help you clean up after a fire is the best thing to do.

If you are to handle any soot or ash, then you would need special equipment and protective gear to protect your respiratory system.

Also, you need to protect your skin from the residue as it could react.

When dealing with the cleaning, there usually is a lot of mobbing of things from one point to the other.

When doing it alone, you could take forever and a lot of energy to clean a small room.

Or, you can hire our services, and we can get dirty and tired on your behalf.

We come in highly experienced teams that will get the job done in the shortest time possible.

Flooded Basement Water Pump-out
Flooded basement water pump-out services in Brookly, NYC.

Water damage restoration

When water spills on the ground, and you wipe it immediately, then that is not water damage.

However, when you let the water sit for a longer time, you would start to notice the tiles changing color, and sometimes, the cement joining them starts to crack and come off.

Now, that is where water damage comes into play.

It results when spilled water goes unnoticed for a long time.

The water could be from the broken pipes in the walls, the leaking kitchen sink, the damaged drainage system, or even torrential rains.

You can always repair the damage caused by water, but it is expensive.

You might end up replacing your entire wall, insulation, and plumbing work inclusive.

Handling the wall can be as simple as replacing a panel or the whole drywall.

With the risk of coming to contact with lead or asbestos, you should hire professional services for the water damage restoration.

That is why we are here.

At SOS Mitigation, we have got the perfect plan for water damage restoration in Chinatown.

Sewage Back-up services in NYC
Call SOS Mitigation for residential and commercial sewage backup services

Sewage backups

When you notice sewage leaking into your house, the first and immediate step to take is to call a professional to help you with the cleanup and mitigation.

While you wait for them to arrive at your location, you would need to be careful with what you do.

If the levels are high to the point where they reach your extensions, plugs, or even gas equipment, do not touch any of it if possible, find the nearest exit from that place, and get out immediately.

Sewage exposes you to health risks and fire hazards. So, when possible, keep far away from it and let the experts handle the situation.

Maintain your health, stay safe, and wait for us to resolve the problem for you.

Joe D
Joe D

Joe is the second generation of damage restoration experience. Joe is a GC and professional restoration advisor. Need help? Call Joe, and he'll be glad to help.

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