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Basement water damage in Flushing 11367

fire and water restoration companies in flushing ny

Mary was glad to have the team of specialists from SOS Mitigation working on the water damage cleanup and restoration project at her home in Flushing, NY. The team was quick and effective, the drying equipment they used was top of the line, and they were able to restore her kitchen and basement to their […]

Bathroom water damage in Selden 11784

kitchen water damage in selden

The waterline in Selden 11784 snapped on the first floor and flooded the entire basement. SOS Mitigation had to remove the walls and flooring. After that, SOS Mitigation restored the walls and the flooring.

Bathroom & livingroom mitigation & restoration in Flushing 11362

drying hardwood floor in flushing ny 11362

Sewer backed up and flooded the walking apartment in Flushing 11362. SOS Mitigation had to remove walls 2 feet all around and to the apartment’s flooring. The team of specialists from SOS Mitigation arrived at the house in Flushing, NY, to find the water damage from the bathroom and the living room. They got to […]

Basement water damage and restoration Queens 11370

water and fire damage restoration ny

After a severe clogged main sewer line, the basement has been flooded in Queens, NY 11370. First, our team had to remove the old flooring and blue panels, then we have fully restored the basement walls and install a new wood flooring.

A rotten sewer line in Piscataway NJ 08854

ceiling repair water damage 08854

A rotten main sewer line behind the kitchen wall has burst. That causes the water to travel from under the kitchen cabinets towards the basement ceiling. We have renewed the flooring and replaced the entire kitchen.