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Clogged Sewer Line in Queens 11370

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After the main sewer line got clogged, the basement has been flooded entirely. Our team performed a mitigation process that includes removing the surrounding walls up to 2ft high, polish and mitigate the ceramic flooring.

Sump Pump Failure Piscataway 08854

after basement mitigation and restoration

This basement had a carpeted floor on top of the concrete. After the sump pump has broken, the sewer backed up and flooded the basement. After completing the mitigation process, we replaced the old carpet with ceramic tiles.

Leaking sewer line in ceiling in NJ, 08873

ceiling restoration in new jersy

A leaking sewer line from the second floor to the first floor in NJ, 08873. SOS Mitigation team replaced the wood flooring in the bathroom, and a part of the ceiling on the first floor.

Rotten Sewer Line in Brooklyn 11226

camaged sewer pipe in brooklyn

A rotten sewer line under the basement’s concrete in a house in Brooklyn 11226. The clogged sewer line burst and flooded the place with sewage. The team has cleaned the room and broke the concrete to replace the mainline. Then, we performed sanitizing and disinfection treatment to the infected area.

Leaking toilet in Plainfield, NJ 07060

Dehumidifying the air

After a leaking from the toilet on the second floor, the garage ceiling has been damaged, and the floor. We had to put a plastic barrier to dry the studs. In addition, the team replaced the bathroom.

Broken sewer line in Queens NY 11105

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In a house in Queens 11105, the sewer line under the basement’s concrete broke up. SOS Mitigation team opened up the concrete to replace the pipe. Unfortunately, because the pipe was running across the entire basement, we had to restore the basement fully.

Sewer Line Clogged in Brentwood NY 11717

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A clogged sewer flooded the basement of a house in Brentwood, NY, 11717. After removing the old carpet, performing the mitigation work, and replacing the walls, the owner wanted to upgrade the ceiling out-of-pocket and add some can lights to make the basement brighter. Here are the results:

Water Damage in Piscataway NJ 08854

Water damage carpet cleaning

A rotten sewer line from the kitchen sink flooded the cabinets and down to the basement. SOS Mitigation team replaced the kitchen’s floor and cabinets.