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How to Handle Water Damage in Basement in NY Homes

Basements are particularly vulnerable to water damage, whether it’s due to heavy rains, burst pipes, or insufficient drainage. For homeowners in New York, dealing with a flooded basement can be a daunting and stressful experience. However, taking immediate and effective action can minimize the damage and restore your home to its former state. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to handle water damage in basement NY homes.

Ensure Safety First

We certainly don’t recommend that you go into the water on your own. However, if you do, before you begin addressing the water damage, ensure the safety of your family and yourself. Turn off the electricity in the affected area to avoid the risk of electric shock. If the water level is high, consider wearing protective gear such as rubber boots and gloves. Many times, when there is standing water, there is a chance of having sewage or other issues that could be dangerous to your health, which is why we would recommend calling a water damage repair Long Island company such as SOS Water Mitigation. This will ensure that everyone is safe and you won’t expose yourself to something dangerous.

Water damage can introduce harmful bacteria and contaminants into your home. Once the water is removed, it’s important to clean and disinfect all affected areas and items, including floors, walls, and furniture. Special attention should be given to sewage backup, which requires professional cleaning to eliminate health hazards. 

Remove Standing Water

First, you need to identify where the water is coming from. If you can, shut off the water. We understand this isn’t always the case, as in some instances the water is coming from the ground.

Our next step is to remove the standing water as quickly as possible. Wet/dry vacuums, pumps, or buckets can be used to extract the water. This can be done by the homeowner, but if the flooding is severe enough, you should look to the professionals. We help with water mitigation Brooklyn, NY, and water damage repair in Long Island, as we don’t just remove the water but fix the issue and repair the damage.

Dry the Area Thoroughly

After removing the standing water, it’s essential to dry out the basement completely to prevent mold growth. To increase ventilation, use dehumidifiers, fans, and open windows. As professionals, we often use industrial-grade equipment to ensure thorough drying. Our team will come in and ensure the water is extracted not only from the flooring and carpets but also from the walls and drywall.

Once the water is out, we can then start the restoration process. 

When to Call Professionals

While minor water damage can sometimes be handled by homeowners, significant flooding or damage should always be managed by professionals. We at SOS Water Mitigation in NY have the expertise and equipment to handle severe water damage and ensure your home is restored to a safe and habitable condition. We work with homeowners who have discovered standing water in their basements to restore them to normal. If you are experiencing water damage in basement NY, you might want to give us a call. Our team of professionals would be happy to assist you with helping you get the water out and restore your basement to its former glory.

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