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10 Tips When Water Damage Hits Your Home or Business

Flooding is a disaster that can take on toll on those who experience its aftermath. Much of the stress comes from the damage that occurs to houses and buildings and the loss of personal belongings and family heirlooms. How you are prepared for a flood and respond to it after can make the difference between […]

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm or wind damage

Wind damage restoration in NYC

Some of the worst damages to encounter are the ones resulting from mother nature. That is because it becomes hard to assess the damage, and the wind or storm causes extensive damages. For instance, for a wholly ruined wall or roof, it would be hard for an inexperienced person to repair that. However, if you […]

How To Restore Your Basement After Flooding

Mold Damage Restoration

Basements in many homes, are used as storage units, which means that you rarely go down there unless you need something. This makes them prone to extensive flooding in the event of a broken or leaking pipe. Furthermore, since most do not have an elaborate drainage system, the water stays stagnant, and soon, infection-causing organisms […]

Clean Your Home From Smoke Damage

Fire Damage Restoration

Guidelines on how to deal with smoke damage What is smoke damage? In the event of a fire, you may lose a lot of your property, but some could remain. If the fire is not extensive, then there is soot and ashes left behind. With time, the residue will start discoloring your walls, and the […]

DIY Water Damage Restoration

Water damage in [cis_city]

Water damage often occurs in homes with broken pipes or drainage systems. That is not to mean that it only occurs in the old houses, but could also happen in a newly built home. Without proper drainage system maintenance, then any homeowner stands the risk of having water-damaged walls and surfaces. However, sometimes, mistakes happen, […]

How To Remove Mold From Your Home.

Mold Remediation Services

In every home, there are some dark, moist corners with not enough aeration. Therefore, every home becomes prone to having a mold infestation. With all the risks that mold poses to human and animal health, you would want to remove it as soon as you notice it. To do so, you could call in an […]

Water Damage Manhattan

Water Damage Restoration in Manhattan, NY

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Manhattan, NY. Are you looking for a professional in water damage restoration? SOS Mitigation is the place to be. We offer various services in flooded basement cleanups, sewage cleans, mold removal, among other services. Our services are available for both commercial and residential places. We have the experience, skills, and […]

Water Damage Brooklyn

Although damage caused by water can sometimes be massive, there is certainly no need to panic. This is not uncommon, and there are several ways to tackle the situation carefully. However, it is important to educate yourself on the matter because it can happen to anyone during the day, month, or year. Our experts have […]

Water Damage New Jersey

You are on the wrong track if you believe water damage can only result in mold colonies and property damage. It is important to know that water damage can continue to spread venom until you decide to take strict action against it. Unfortunately, the after-effects of water damage do not just stop at your property. […]

Water Damage Queens

Water damage in [cis_city]

Intense water damage and flooding can create havoc and turn everything upside down for you. There have been several unfortunate incidents where people suffered losses worth millions of dollars. No doubt, this is an added stress, especially when there is already a lot going on. However, the lack of awareness on the matter is something […]